Maelific Cores

Why is there no PvP way to get a core? Even if it’s a 3rd a week as an extra way to catch up? It actually makes no sense.

Here all us pvpers kinda felt left out of this expansion but secretly hoped you were paying attention. Clearly that is not the case.

I know doggo kinda already talked about it somewhere but with their recent gd post I had to bring it up again.

I agree nerf DH


Post on the suggestion forums that they have it also come from the conquest cap quest. Tbh I dont really care since visions are easy and you should be clearing them with masks for free gear everywhere.

I did… Kinda annoying as it would be extremely easy to implement and pvers would never feel the need to do it.

Eh they are boring enough that I can barely keep the cloak maxed. The extra RNG gear drop isn’t really a pull. Extra corruption resistance is pretty huge though.

End of expansion is gonna be nutty.

I think blizz knows we are already doing pve so they just don’t care.

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I’m numb to being forced into PvE content now. I’m just glad we don’t have to do the raid and I can get it by myself by doing 4 zones, rather than killing N’Zoth with a bunch of idiots.

Maybe I’d be more upset if it wasn’t so expected for there to be nothing for PvPers.


i hate it when people say nutty

Although it sucks I would honestly encourage people to try to do at least a 4 mask vision clear every week even after hitting rank 15 for the 465 loot alone

Idk if it has a higher chance at proccing corruption but it’s the only drop source I’ve had a corrupted piece on outside of the weekly caches

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It definitely will be but being able to get an extra heroic+ ilvl piece of gear with minimal effort is kind of hard to pass up. Not to mention its the best way to farm mementos to help speed up the process of unlocking sockets

Yea my main thing is just as catch up. You will literally never catch up an alt or if you miss a week unless you raid.

I’m intrigued… With the sheer amount of IS and tentacles that people are going to be rocking what would be a term you prefer? Lol

Yea the chances do seem kinda low. Literally only had my end of weeks chests do anything.

Yeah, it’s supposed to be whatever could Titanforge now corrupts. So still rare, only guaranteed in the weekly chests.

If you spent half the time queueing games as you do crying about DHs on the forum, you wouldn’t be hard stuck 2s challenger never reaching duelist because those mean ol DHs keep oppressing you.