Cloak catchup is a JOKE

WHY is it capped at 2 per weeek?

Why arent people just allowed to upgrade as many times as they can run vision and kill nzoth on every difficulty untill they are caught up to the current hard cap?

Do you NOT want players to come back to this game? like who comes up with these decisions. How exactly do these conversations go in blizz offices. Its mind bogling.


u can do 5 per week. But I agree the assaults should give more. I don’t feel like putting in so much work for so little reward in the dailies


I think they’re talking about the malefic cores or w/e.

You can only get two per week. One from a full clear of the visions and one from killing N’zoth.


I just gave up on this expansion and roleplay.


You know it’s either full clear of visions or killing N’zoth.

Edit: and my response to OP is, that is against what Blizzard’s current objective is. Not to rush content but to make sure people play as often as possible.

You can get one from each activity if you are behind. Source below, when Kaivax stated as much. lol

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I haven’t heard about that, what is it?

Agree. The expac is basically at the end of its content run and still they won’t relax the catchup mechanics. Even at the very end of it all they make Playing an alt terrible.

Seems reasonable, like a proper catch-up as long as you are putting in the same effort as those who’ve had the time to do it every week…


Once you get your cape to 15 you can collect an item to further increase your corruption resistance by 3 each week.

If you are behind, you can collect up to two a week.

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Oh, ok, ty

Thank you

MAU (monthly active users)/whatever metrics they use.

So if I at least play enough to get coalescing, then do the vision to upgrade my cloak for that week, it makes the game look more successful to shareholders than if I only log in once every 2 weeks plus and do it a whole bunch.

It is engineered to make you log in for that time at least once a week. Thank you for reminding me I still have to do mine :wink:

A lot of us who can do a full clear, don’t have the option of N’zoth on normal. So yes, we are “forced” to keep up with the ONCE a week thing :wink:

Yeah, so my alts don’t even have the cloak yet (they’d be too far behind anyway, since I’m never going to be weekly killing N’zoth on normal.) But I can manage to keep up on this one character.

Nice chart showing the cloak limit, by date per week:

5/5 71
5/12 74

For example, I’m 68 because I’ve yet to do it this week to get to 71 resist (on the 15 rank cloak.) Then, starting Tuesday 5/12, I can get to 74 that week. You really do start to notice a difference, as it gets further up there (with how the vision gets easier.) I’m betting at 80 it feels really big.

I got one cloak to level 6 and then just gave up. On my alts I only get to level 1 then stop. Too much effort for no or little reward. The reward doesn’t equal the effort. I doubt I will get the cloak any higher ranked and will just park them until the next expansion. This current system is just not worth it.

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They don’t want people to catch up. This is the future of the game, one of the “lessons” they took from classic, that the game feels more epic to those who did grinding from the start of an expansion if new and returning players don’t have any way of catching up.


Agreed. I don’t even bother with the dailies any more & only time I stay or go to where the assaults are is when one with a mount I don’t have is up(only need two more). Otherwise I just run around and kill rares & do those little events till I can get my chest and go.

Didn’t they hint at some ilvl and cloak catch-up stuff coming in the pre-patch “event”?

I don’t know why this feels so bad in BfA but it’s true.

I mean, yeah, we got the hamster wheel of glorious repetition and more currencies than we know what to do with… but besides that… BfA has just felt off for me.

What’s to relax? The max you can get is 4 pages a run. The runs are only limited by the amount of CV you have…it’s not hard to get 40-50 a week if you do all the things.

We talking about malefic cores caped at 2 per week still