Next Week - Horrific Vision Rewards Always Corrupted

I actually like switching my gear on an encounter basis. “Player choice” and all that.

You already have this through the essence system, and traits. The point is there is no reason to take up 20 bag slots to do this kind of situational system. And all situational systems in wow just end up being mathed to one choice anyway. There is really one choice of talents for raid and one for m+ and in certain circumstances there might be 2 or three choices for one or two rows.

But we already have enough of these systems.


You are very cynical and jaded towards Blizz in their “attempts” to put out the dumpster fire that is BFA. You just became my best friend :+1:. I also believe this is a heavy handed way to “bribe” the playerbase to participate in content they would otherwise choose not to, due to its repetitive nature and not being very fun in general.


You had me in the first half not guna lie

I like the change but wish it had come earlier (last tuesday). :wink: Now we save vessels for the 17th. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just like the blizz posts of ;

For those of us who are jaded and cynical towards blizz (raises hand up high) these posts scream of desperation.

Blizz- “Please come try out this new fun and engaging content that we released for 8.3, also buy some of our shop mounts.”
Weary Playerbase-“Don’t you have developers that properly test these things, or is it all just shuffled out to prolong the MAU metric?”
Frantic Blizz- “Blizz has left the chat…”


It’s become an MMORPG where you gear through solo content you can only do if you log in and do dailies, so you can use that gear to go do raids that drops gear that’s worse than the gear you got through the solo content.

Makes perfect sense.

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Only reason blizzard is still in business is because… well i dont know tbh?

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And you are high ilvl stating that. I took one look at the 8.3 notes and was like

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Depends on server/shard pop and time. I can finish am assault in ten minutes. Tip: stop opening cages and kill everything especially elites and rares. But the dailies often go unfinished because I find myself having to find a spot to camp for the eight obelisks or six flags or whatever.

Because stock traders now see videogames as a clear buy because they are pandemic resistant. In fact, Blizzard should do better now that everyone HAS to stay inside to do dailies!

:grin: :grin: :grin:


How about just pushing it out to items already in our bags :slight_smile: Would make the mediocre belt I got today feel just a little better.

You can only get corrupted gear if you do visions. Blizzard made visions for you. If you don’t like them. Tough. That 475 you got from m+? Trash. Go do visions. The 455 you get with IT will be better.

Oh, oh yes.

This is a good thing. However, having corrupted gear pretty much exclusively appearing from these 2-3 once a week sources feels really bad. Corrupted gear isn’t commonly available enough to allow players the opportunity to make interesting or exciting choices. I run lots of different content throughout the week (WQ, Assaults, dungeons, raids, PvP ect) and seeing very little in terms of corrupted items.

Even on my Warrior,but especially so on alts that haven’t been doing both chests every week, I don’t feel like I have enough choices in terms of corrupted effects. Or enough different slots that I could choose to apply corruption to.

It makes much more sense that this main feature of the patch always drops corrupted gear at least for the first run of the week for each mask or masks done.

Thanks for the change but it should have come sooner, yeah.

But for sure, THANKS!!


Praise N’Zoth~

Ya know, maybe we don’t need to finish N’Zoth off after all if he will drop us lots of loot without having to kill him U.U

Corruptions are fun to play around with, provided we can get more of them to play around with and not stuck with a few.

This is welcome news. I literally have not seen any sort of Corrupted gear from visions ever. Another thing I’d suggest is removing corruption from all BoEs. Right now, we see Infinite Stars gear going for millions of gold because of how over the top it is. I feel like only BoP stuff should ever corrupt, and not BoEs.

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A very desired change. Wish this was yet another feature from the start (and I thought 5 mask was initially). But, we should take the wins when we get them.

Good change. I just hope a corruption vendor isn’t out in where you buy random tiers for mementos… I would be upset at this, but I feel like it’s coming.

When you’re on your 5th character, it’s not “playing the game” anymore. It’s a time consuming snoozefest.

It would be nice if the gear you get from clearing the HVs would at the same ilvl as external sources (445 for corrupted areas), 460 for Lost areas. It probably would entice more people to run visions.