Malefic Cores And Catching Up With Corruption Resistance

As always, thank you for the information Kaivax. ^ _ ^

Appreciate the clarification. I was wondering exactly how we’d get more corruption resistance.

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Lol I would kill for them to be 8.2 content


Because this expansion has been annoying enough and it’s time to let us have a break.


Nothing about 8.3 systems implies “giving us a break.”


Clearing with 1 mask or 0 masks is pretty much the same thing.


What do you care? Do other people’s experiences impact your life? This game can be an addiction for some people, so yes, it’s now an AA meeting.


Small victories…small victories.

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True, it should require using Faceless Mask of the Long Night! :stuck_out_tongue:


For people complaining that HVs are too tough for some of their characters, but not all of them, making the dropped items BOA would be helpful for them. Maybe just after the cloak is leveled on their main could it become BOA and they could then send the upgrade items to their alts.


Wow is an AARPG now. It’s just Diablo 2.0 and we’re stuck in a timed hamster wheel.


More complexity in a system of systems of systems of systems that is BfA.


i just love people that post trash like this

sorry we dont all play DH’s

god forbid we main healers and try to do all content as that


6 res a week ? seems low when many of us have like 5 pices of + 75 corruption gear already that we cant use because the cloak is still at 42 at rank 13


Effectively 125 was an infinitely growing stat to grind, at least in the context of BFA - Shadowlands is likely to be out around the time we hit it. Not stating an explicit cap is probably just to give em a few weeks leeway if they need it.

Thank you soooo much for this. Seriously. Thank you thank you thank you.


A central feature of the corruption system is choices and trade offs—you’re not supposed to equip every piece of corruption you get.


I swear, any comment from a DH is automatically deemed “trash.” I’ll change to a shaman or priest character next time and make the exact same comment, and have it be accepted. Oh look, I chose rogue. Damn, there goes that sentiment.

Yes, DHs – and BM hunters, and rogues, and mages, and < insert class here > – has an easy time soloing HVs. And yet, if these were intended to be only done solo, Blizzard would have restricted them as such. But the reality is, some classes could easily get 5 mask clears done with a small group, but they don’t because some classes can do this solo, and so “every single class/spec should too.”

I really didn’t expect so much people skipping the cloak. I’m doing those assaults on three characters, running all dailies with two of them and the other one are just sitting outside the entrance of the lesser vision. Currently trying to get the cloak for my fourth character because those 2000 golds from doing the weely/bi-weekly assault chests are too good to skip. Horrific visions are boring chores I know, but a grunt gotta do what a grunt gotta do to get those pets and backpack mog and mailbox mount.