Cloak upgrades after 15


Ive searched the forums and not found a definitive answer. I just capped my cloak on this alt this weekend. Can I earn one +3 upgrade this week doing a full visions clear? Can I earn 3 and catch up to where we are now? I read some posts speculating you have to do one vision and one Nzoth kill and get 2 a week to catch up.

Thanks in advance. I dont want to waste my vessels or queue up for LFR unless I know I will get a token

If you’re caught up, you can earn them from either doing a full clear or by killing N’Zoth on normal or higher, but you can only earn one a week. If you’re behind, you can earn one from both sources each week until you’re caught up.

It has to be normal or higher. LFR won’t drop it.

Here’s Blizz’s post about it.

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i could be wrong but from what i’m told, you can get 2 a week. time gate allows only 1 per week, however, if you are behind, you can get maximum of 2 to slowly catch up. but vision itself only gives 1 regardless. you can get the 2nd one from any difficulty nzoth kill as long as it is not lfr nzoth.