Question about the weekly corruption resistance reduction

So how you get a weekly reduction of 3 for a full clear. I have alts who just hit 15 cloak this week. Sadly I have no CV to do more runs on them. Since I’ll miss 2 weeks on them would I be able to do an extra 2 run next week and get 9 corruption reduction? Or did I miss the 2 weeks?

No, you can only get the 3 reduction once a week. It’s not like getting the cloak to 15 where you could catch up based on how many potions you have.

Edit: I stand corrected. If you aren’t caught up, I guess you can get up to two a week.

Once per week, per source. So if you miss a week you can get it from Horrific Vision once and another from N’zoth Normal or higher. If you don’t raid, then you’re screwed to always being behind.

nah once a week. You choose between raiding or doing a full run of vision. Doing both won’t give you 6 corruption resistance. It’s cap to 3 a week. Just asking about alt and stuff. Since I’m really not sure what the answer is

2 per week if you missed any previous weeks. Current cap is 56 for this week.

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ah that’s fair. Thanks. Guess I better show to up alt runs lol

They seriously need to remove the 2 per week. I don’t get the point whatsoever. They add “Account-wide essences” to help alts, then they destroy alts with this time-gating… They can keep the weekly corruption cap, but why keep alts weeks and months behind this late in the expansion? It makes absolutely no sense to limit how many cores an alt can farm to catch up considering you can only acquire a certain amount of vessels for HVS per week. IT’S ALREADY LIMITED BLIZZARD. Just let us play our alts!

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