I want to see the sun!

We’ve escaped the Shadowlands. We’re back in Azeroth. The sun rises, and the sun sets. Allegedly.

For many years due to cross-realm linking, Oceanic realms have had their day/night cycle tied to the rest of North America. Us players in New Zealand, Australia, or other countries on this side of the world usually see the world of Warcraft bathed in perpetual nighttime darkness. When I do get the opportunity to see WoW during the daytime, it’s a real treat - but very much a short-lived one.

Players on the forum have been asking for improvements for this issue for a long time.

Players on reddit have been asking for improvements for this issue for a long time.

Blizzard once threw us a bone in a massive thread about this on the Oceanic General Discussion forum. Said thread is now missing.

Now that the day/night cycle exists in current content again, discussion has quickly flared up.

Again, players on the forum are asking for improvements for this issue.

Again, players on reddit are asking for improvements for this issue.

This shouldn’t be a hard fix. In fact, I’d like to propose a fun one:

Make a “Personal World Rotator” toy. Give it some fun flavour text saying “The world revolves around you!” and make it visually offset the in-game time by 12 hours. Give it a short CD, and make it persist through death.

This empowers everyone to appreciate the beauty of the world of Warcraft in a way that they prefer, and on their own time. The art team has yet again done an excellent job with Dragonflight, and their creative efforts should be able to be admired in a way that players want, be that daytime or nighttime.


The only trouble I see with the “Personal World Rotator” is our realms are currently 6 hours out of whack. Making it 12 would just put it out 6 hours the other way. It would be just as jarring.

Your toy is a cool concept and should definitely be added but it doesn’t solve the local time issue.

I’d like an NPC that gives a persistent buff that changes the skybox and lighting to our local time. That way the servers can stay on US day / night for whatever technical reason, so nothing will change for the US players who group with us but cosmetically it will be fixed.

This would also work for other time zone & region players that have a local time that differs from their server time.

I know there would be some things that wouldn’t match up like NPC’s carrying torches and the sunset festival as these are based on server time. The NPC would allow players to opt in rather than having an potentially immersion breaking change forced on them.

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Please fix the day/night cycle for Australian players. You owe it to the players. Without us you wouldn’t even have a game.

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Im usually in the dungeons so i dont really see much of the outside world anyway

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it is a bummer only ever seeing the moon, while the night vistas can be stunning in some zones, it would be nice to see what the daylight vista’s are supposed to be too

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I know they have a toy that darkens the day.

Maybe a toy the swaps day and night cycles?

I would like to see the sun too.



I never see the sun in game either because daytime is for working.

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Can’t you just play on an Australian server to fix the issue?

That’s the problem, we are playing on an Australian server that is located in Australia even. But (supposedly) because on the occasion that an American would someone get onto an Australian shard it felt “too jarring” so Blizz made it so Australian shard’s day/night cycle (and calendar) are based on NA time.