Day Night Cycle

I hate to drag this back up again, but I think it’s long overdue for a fix. With our exit from the Shadowlands back into Azeroth, OCE players will really start to feel the US day/night cycle again. You spend so much time and money on building these incredible new environments but OCE players have to experience them in constant darkness. It becomes very dreary.

Players have been requesting this for years. Its time to make the change.


100% agree. While the night skies are beautiful, it just feels like we are missing something not having the correctly synced day night cycle. We have our own realms now, so we totally should have the correct time set. Please fix this :slight_smile:


Why is it even like this, anyway? How come we can’t get a normal day/night cycle like all the other regions?


Our day/night cycle got changed when they introduced cross-realm play, so we could be included with North American players. As there are more of them than us, we got synced to their day/night cycle.

While in theory it’s a good idea, the outcome is terrible for us. Sadly I think it’s unlikely they’ll change it.

The ‘Jar of Sunwarmed Sand’ toy was supposed to alleviate this somewhat by allowing us to experience midday whenever we wanted. Unfortunately it only lasts for 2 hours, doesn’t persist through death, and has a 24 hour cooldown, which IMO just adds to the frustration. It also took quite a bit of effort to obtain that toy, though maybe it’s easier now.


It would be amazing if they changed this. If it was easier to obtain and worked more like a toggle that you’d just have to hit once per day, it’d be awesome!

WoW has so many beautiful zones, but here in Oceania many of us largely only get to enjoy them primarily at night. While they’re still lovely, it does feel like a generally degraded experience.

Having actual realm times is one of the best parts of the Classic WoW servers IMO. The day/night cycle actually feels sane again on this side of the world.

I understand there’s technical limitations that they have to deal with given how interconnected the servers are these days, but at the very least there’s some easy improvements that could be had. That toy in particular could be tweaked, and suddenly the game would feel far more lifelike and vibrant to many of us. Sure, there’ll be details like torches being lit and the game otherwise working as it does during the night, but at the very least we’ll have the option to appreciate the scenery in a way that we often cannot.


I believe it was Cata when we lost a true day/night cycle. I miss dark nights in the game.

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its for when we group with players from the US our realms match their lighting level. Our day night matches the NA Pacific time zone. Our servers sun comes up at 1am server time and sets at 3pm server time.

They recognised the issue in 2016, but haven’t done anything about it.

(1) Blizzard ANZ on Twitter: “Regarding the day/night cycle topic on WoW Oceanic realms:” / Twitter

Yep its been this way for like 6 years not it needs to be fixed. The Day Night Cycle isn’t fixed to the server and can be altered there’s toys/quests and even just skybox bugs in the world that do it. They need to fix it or change the jar of sun warmed sand to have a shorter CD.

I don’t think it is ever going to get fixed unless someone can bring this to the attention of a big streamer or youtube who can bring real attention to it. The forum posts get ignored or maybe a Blue response that amounts to nothing.

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The client graphics settings should just have an option to toggle inverse day/night on and off.


Why not have it on a rotating basis, regardless of the region?

Use GW2 as an example - their day/night cycle is on a 2hr rotation, no matter where you are physically.

A single day-night cycle lasts for 2 hours in real-time, though in-universe it is considered to take 24 hours. Thus, one hour of Tyrian Time corresponds to five minutes of real time, and one minute of Tyrian Time corresponds to five seconds of real time. The cycle is split into four stages…

Source: wiki.guildwars2. com/wiki/Day_and_night

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Someone on /r/wow is demanding a better day/night cycle for us Oceanic players as well. Their post has actually had a decent amount of traction.

That’s awesome commenting now :smiley:

They need to add an NPC that gives a persistent buff that changes the skybox and lighting to your local time. That way the servers can stay on US day / night for whatever technical reason, so nothing will change for the US players who group with us but cosmetically it will be fixed.

This would be ideal over the jar of sun-warmed sand as it would let us experience all light phases not just midday.

26.3 BILLION DOLLARs and they cant code into sydney based servers day and night cycle to match Australia what are we paying $20 australian dollars for a month apart from keeping the severs in Sydney ?
a simple code that even gw2 an xbox can do and even Microsoft can do this in most of their games


Another Reddit post from someone frustrated with the Oceanic day/night cycle. Hopefully this continues to get more and more traction!

Adding to feedback I’ve already shared, I think what would be really cool would be if Blizz introduced some sort of “personal world rotator” toy. It could have fun flavour text like “the world revolves around you!” and visually offsets the in-game time by 12 hours.

So long as it persisted through death and had a short cooldown, something like this would be such an amazing way of empowering players to see the game in the way that they want to see it. The art team - as always - has done an incredible job with Dragonflight. But many players often only get to see the zones either in daytime or in nighttime. It’s a disservice to players to not have the option to admire the beauty of the world in our preferred way, on our own time.

I’ve submitted a post in General Discussion as well, and I’ve compiled some posts from both here on the forums and on Reddit to highlight that some improvements are very much wanted.

It’s specifically so a Night elf racials matter again.

yep this needs to be fixed for oceanic servers. also on that wishlist would be the calendar being relevant to our timezone, as well as other things like the presents under the tree actually spawning on Christmas day for Oceanic players - currently they do not, we always get them on Boxing Day


It’s obvious Blizzard doesn’t care or it’s too hard. Just remove the cooldown on the ‘Jar of Sunwarmed Sand’ or make it 30 minutes or something. Not a complete fix but jfc it’s better than nothing, it’s an extremely easy change and I’d take it over being ignored.

BASS my man, good to see you here.

Putting another point in for yes: Please fix the day night cycle.

I’ve played for 18 years. Vanilla-BFA on US servers because there was no Oce realms early on, then Dad wanted us to stay there there for some reason, then on OCE servers from Bfa til Now.
In 18 years I’ve never actually played in a timezone that matched my local day night cycle despite literally swapping to the servers designed specifically for my country.

Playing in eternal night is depressing, please change it Blizz.