[H][X] One Night a Week Raiding - THU 9:30PM EST

11/11N 8/11H
9PM EST (form) - 00:30 EST
Goals: Have fun, make friends, get AotC again and dip into Mythic.

We are altoholics with a raiding problem… most likely Raidaholics with an alting problem…
We officially raid only one day THURSDAYS 9:30 PM EST (forming 9:00 PM EST) however, a lot of us belong to other guilds and that means our group gets to raid more often than we probably should.

Things we like: Dad jokes, last minute raids, mplus, alts, crying loudly for buffs, annoying our priest for PI, cats, we love our cats, and cooking, not the cats, just cooking in general.

Things we dont like: elitism, sexism, being a jerk to people because of their skin color, nationality, gender, orientation, server (just…dont be a jerk in general). People who dont even try, no shows.

What do we offer: We have our own oogapedia to answer things in discord! Anything from most games we play. We can teach you how to raid and even how to faceroll better as long as youre up to learn! Weird names for bosses , mobs and abilities. Discord, our discord is our guild central,

What do we require: Have fun, love your character, be on time and give plenty of heads up if you have to miss a raid, is less about the game and more because your friends are counting on you to be there! Reach out for help. We dont expect anyone to know everything about their class/spec, if you join us you will have a squad of friends that will help you up like we all helped each other up, struggling with dps? maybe heals arent there yet? tanking troubles? Your community will help you if you let us.

Any questions? You can ask in our DISCORD


I am Oogapedia and yes I am way too knowledgeable about way too many games, and if I don’t know the answer to your question I will look it up very quickly and give you the most accurate answer possible. Otherwise come join the fun!


Best thing is that we can blame Ooga for anything.


I agree these are great peoples and they have even accepted me and i am the quietest person ever

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i have a question, what’s your main? :smiley:


He will decide his main after we kill the first boss in Sepulcher. We all know that.

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whats happening?

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its exedrin

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I was informed to bring dat booty here and that there were cookies?

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Yes I was also told of this about that booty and cookies….

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yes join us it’s so much fun

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Hey there, I’m interested in joining.

I’m a skilled resto druid, who only plays resto druid and I am happy to just raid 1 day a week and just does only heroic. I’m a pretty laid back type of person.

The discord link isn’t working for me.

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However our plan is to raid Mythic when we get enough people. But we are not stressing over it, we just wanna get as far as we can get, if thats something you be ok with lmk

Please try reaching me on discord directly Daedrathis#5607, I dont know why the webhook isnt working D:

Fixed the link to discord, hopefully is working fine and stays fine!

Looking for ranged dps
Ele sham/Spriest/Affli lock preferred
But any ranged will be ok!

Looking for a few more ranged

We are now looking for more DPS!
Enh shaman and some ranged

Looking for a few more ranged :smiley: come have fun and make friends!