Headless Horseman and the Hallow's End event

Is there an increased chance on the first kill of the day for the headless horseman mount?


Probably. Seems like this is the garbage system they have moved to.

If they really didn’t want people to feel like they needed to blast these holiday bosses with alts then they should have sold the mounts on the vendor for a high amount of the holiday currency.


I’m thinking it will go like Brewfest did this year but there’s also the saddle like Brewfest. No confirmation but the increased chance covers both not each individually.

So nobody knows?


Yeah can’t say for sure but I don’t see why they would for Brewfest and not Hallow’s End.

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It was changed for “Love is in the Air” and “Brewfest” so no we can’t confirm it but we’re 99% sure it will be the case.


The WoW community : I demand it to be easy to have and maintain 10,000 alts!

Also the WoW community: Why are these holidays tuned as though we’re going to do this on 10,000 alts!?


My man! You’re so right!

And then here I am, pulling him over and over again for Crits and Giggles.

They’re adding a wickerman buff system to the event, so perhaps doing HH with more buffs active will increase the drop rate of rare collectibles.

Regardless, it’s the system I moved to. I stopped spamming all my alts on HH back around WoD. I do one a day, maybe two if I’m bored.


PLEASE make that mount tradable within the group. There are other things in there I want but I already have the horse. LET US TRADE IT!!!


Exactly, Just like the community and the Council…a lot of players comunicated to Devs and Chimes ignored after talking about the bad aspects of RNG to the community

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What? One thing isn’t related to the another one…A lot of players asked for alt friendly approach and other things without considering the collecting aspect of the game.

Doing a grind with the maximum amount of attempts is just a product of the bad RNG implemented in game, a lot of players will have the same amount of alts because they like combinations of race / class…etc if you could spam without ID a single instance or event with your main.

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Wow community: Why can’t you one hundred percent agree on every topic. It’s like youre different people?!

I hope you don’t get this confused about politics. I hear the two parties don’t agree on everything


i got lucky with it HH mount dropping 13 years ago, and then it becoming account wide. i run my alts for the exp and ring drops


“welfare pumpkins” :slightly_smiling_face:


Idk, I got mine 13 years ago.

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Except they didn’t even tune it for players with many alts. :sweat_smile: They applied the bonus to the first kill of the day, and that was it.

My view is that they don’t want to make these event mounts too easy to get. The more they give out, the less players will do the event dungeons because they don’t need the mount anymore, especially with mounts being account wide. (In my case, for example, I have it so none of my healers or tanks or whatever do the dungeons anymore, except for a few I send through for a bit of experience. So rather than 30 characters doing it repeatedly, I might 5 or 6 at most, and not often.)

So yeah, it is likely to be a little bit more common but by no means a lot more.