Blizz made it harder to get the horseman mount

You should have said, as the song from the not so distant past says: :dracthyr_hehe_animated:

Personally, I’m only concerned with the not-too-distant future.

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it’s like nearly half a century ago…
those walking-dead-pop-metal-dudes
all have hair weaves and false teeth!
but…ok…i’m easy.

I did it on all my tanks and got the achievement on every one the first time. It’s not difficult at all if you’re good at dodging. Which as a tank, you should be.



It has been a minute…

the word “and” addresses this.

edit: oh, i see. i guess it’s possible but it seems super unlikely that the curse bonus would only apply to one kill per day.

Um nope?

The drop rate didn’t change. You get a higher chance if it’s the first run on the account per day and then an additional higher chance if you do the hard mode successfully.

They didn’t nerf the original drop chance percentage. They simply gave you more opportunities to get it. It’s literally the opposite of what you’re complaining about.

lol…more arcane wow dev machinations…lol.
but that’s only on the first tuesday of the second month
on a blue moon in a leap year at the turning of the

Yea, it’s not completely clear from that. I would hope so, though.

I did find this on the wowhead summary (blue post):

That one doesn’t specify first kill or later kill, so I suppose we can just assume it means any kill.

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Oh God! Metallica on an oldie station…

I guess I was insanely lucky then. I wasn’t going to bother farming it this year.

However, I got the mount the first day of the event this year on the first toon I queued with.
I assumed maybe the chance of the mount was buffed because we (the group) utilized all the hard modes.

PANZERSTORM…that’s a great name!
I had a warrior named ‘Panzarthar’ a long time ago…
after the Panzar’Thar Breastplate
from Nightbane/Karazhan.

I was kidding. That song came out in my lifetime.

hehe. Actually it’s a Death Metal band out of Greece. I didn’t know about them until I named this toon.

I have been really lucky with name choices. I have quite a few choice ones, most are on an RP server.

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yeah…i do like serious metal…
i’ll check it out…thx, man…
i’m going to revive poor old
Panzarthar after the break.

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no they didnt. i was running this on 42 characters over 3 days. got the key on my very 1st kill. got the manuscript on day 2 on kill 60-62-ish. got the arfus pet last night on kill 120-ish.

with no curses active

Oh! You are on Stormrage, then at some point I’ll see you in game. Good Hunting. :slight_smile:

cool…see you there, brother!

The curses literally aren’t even hard lmao… they are personal. I did it on. 360 DK no issue. There is literally no reason to complain.

can’t wait to see what they do for the Valentine’s event… I’ve been trying to get that Loverocket since day 1. If they make it hard like they made this hard to get it then iI will be quite mad.

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