Hoping to get some clarification, please

Does the Wickerman Buffs improve your chances to get Arfus? I’m pretty sure it does but I wanted to make extra sure because the curses slows the fight down by a lot and I don’t want to waste my time or anyone else’s time. Here’s the confusion:

:point_up: This quote makes it seem like it’s just for the mount.

This one :point_down:

says “rewards.” Does that mean Arfus and the saddle? Maybe the helm and sword too? What’s considered a “sought after reward” when it comes to the pumpkin? Why is an item that can only be purchased listed under this?

Like I said, I’m only asking because I don’t want to bother with making the fight last two or three times longer than it should if I don’t have to.

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The developers are famous for preserving the mystery of what they intend. That piece of clarification in the forums is a lot more than I would have ever expected.

I would be severely shocked if they said anything more than what they already have.

Sorry I can’t clarify a complete answer. By some of the responses on the forums and on Wowhead, some people get him with the first kill all curses, some several kills in with all curses and some subsequent kills with no curses.

I think the higher drop chance is mainly for the mount. The first day, I ran with all curses on every toon I took, the second day I did as well. I got the saddle on the first run of my 4th day with all curses. The runs after my initial runs on days 3 and 4 were with no curses active but have yet to see him.

Subsequently, 2 of my friends got him on their first runs with all curses.