Headless Horseman Reins

i got it but can we get the dog that retail has?
i want arfus so bad man. idaf abt the horse lol.

Take a look at The Law of Large Numbers.

None of what you said matters.

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LOL my guild had three drop on the first day, plus a fourth the second day. stopped paying attention after that

Got mine the first day. 2 More since then.

And at least 1 person in my group has gotten it every run so far.

Math literacy is shamefully low these days.


Eh… What? Yes, law of large numbers is a thing. The higher the sample the more accurate the statistic.

There is nothing in it to say that smaller samples are inaccurate. It simply states that larger samples are more accurate. Which is common sense. Or perhaps not for you, so you chose to google a fancy term.

Nevertheless, you’re wrong. As you’ve been from the very first second you decided to be whatever it is you wanted to be. Our observation, with 100’s of people getting mounts in 1 day, was, in fact, accurate to speculate that drop chance was increased.


There hasn’t been a single math related piece on here. And yet you bring it up, Are you trying to flex? I’m confused. “oh look at me im going to google some big words and mock others”. You straight up sound like a lone boomer with 14k post count. Jesus. No wonder.

And you clearly lack common sense. Not to mention how bored you must be to even find a way to turn this into some sort of disagreement. For no reason .Are you really that bored IRL? Is this the best you got going?


You just need to get with the alternate facts.

I mean, there’s probably a universe where Pi is exactly 3.

I’ve seen a proof of the Riemann Conjecture using “alternate facts.”

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Dude, you’re putting a lot of effort into defending your lack understanding of basic probability.

Did you by chance have a pillow company go belly-up recently?

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It’s dropping a lot more often in Retail with the 4 curses if you can hold out until DF Classic.

I really doubt that because a circle is only truly definable by math.

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In the multiverse, everything is possible.

If Pi were 3, it wouldn’t be a circle.

I’mma just leave this here:


yesterday my friend got it, then my other friend had it drop for him the same day so I decided to try myself on my acc and low and behold it dropped for me as well… so something is def up with the drop rate.

Got mine yesterday, first time ever.

Got it on my Alt Tank first try. Couple days latter got it on him again had to delete it.

I’ve gone three times a day on my three 80’s since the start. I’ve not gotten one… Why Me!! Lol

Did they buff the drop rate again today?
I got 2 mounts and in both runs 2 people got it (including me).


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It’s still a 0.1% chance to drop guys. We’re all just really lucky this year. What are the chances all of us are just this lucky? Blizzard definitely didn’t increase the drop rate. It’s all probability. We all just happened to roll a one in a thousand, mulitple times. What a time to be alive!!

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