The Four Curses

subjectively… no it doesn’t seem to have improved my chances. All i’m getting is candy and masks.


Quel’dorei, Orcish and Undead?

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Yes…yes and Redneckbeardian. It’s rarely heard and even more misunderstood

:dragon: :ocean: :dragon: :ocean:

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Buffed when under the effects of eluneshine?


I’ve gotten more loot with all 4 curses. Up until today, nothing I needed, and most of what I got was…well, nothing really. Some tricky treats and a mask or whatever. But I’ve gotten random stuff like Squashlings and the sword. Even got the sword on 2 characters back to back. But I did get Arfus with my first kill of the day boost today, along with the 4 curses. Granted, that took at least 24-30 kills or so. And only 4 of those were with the first kill of the day chance applied, but I’ve been running 7-8 alts per day and taking all 4 curses. So I THINK it applies to all drops within the loot pool. It’s just that those drops are also rare. I obviously don’t have any hard data to back this up though. I’m only theorizing.

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It does not, according to the blue post.

They’re independent, but still only first kill of the day.

Oh. So basically, a chance is a chance, but after the first kill it is mostly a wasted effort. Unless I’m misunderstanding it.

Pretty much. And for me, even the first chance is a waste. lol

Unfortunate. They really need to develop a better system.


Done all 4 curses everyday so far now and only got a few rings and the key. Had gotten the mount I think a few years ago, but still hunting the plate helmet and pet this year. No luck yet.

It’s funny you should mention this. Recently I’ve been watching a lot of rage gamers compilation videos on YouTube. Lots of curse words and smashed equipment. :joy:

I’ve missed a couple days. I was going to force myself to log in and kill him real fast for the chance at the mount but I’m trying to recover from 16 hour shifts. I just don’t have the energy. Oh well I guess.

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the more curses apparently increases the chance of the good items for the first kill of the day… or so WoWhead and Blizz keep saying it does. Also…there’s only four curses yet five wickermen?

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Small wickermen can let you add one curse at a time controlling how many you have, and the large one gives you all 4 at once :slight_smile:

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So… small ones let you pick your poison and the big one just says Yolo here’s all four?


Basically, yeah XD

Truthfully it feels like the droprates are just borked.

Yesterday with 70ish toons and all curses i did seem to rarely see a bit more loot but still mostly nothing.

Today have been trying with none of the curses (except the first kill of the day) and gotten even less. Also another big fat nothing on the first kill with curses.

So up to well over 150 kills and nothing. No drake no arfus and no mount (already have it though but for the sake of data). The drake isnt even meant to be that rare… its around a 2% drop.

These RNG drop rates on holidays are just utter garbage and I am honestly really sick of it.
Nothing about missing out/running alt armies through this over and over and over is fun. Add it to a vendor for a high price as a way of bad luck protection and stop with this nonsense. This is the stuff people quit over…


They probably already did the math and figured out that the number of people that MIGHT quit over something like this is a lot smaller than the people that will keep paying for the same chance again a year from now.

Does Arfus count to the Hardmode HH? Or does it only work on the mount?

Though even with the debuff i’m only getting squashlings and other stuff from the bags. Do I also need to be a level 70? Or can I get Arfus as a 60? Cause I don’t have DF expansion yet.

Having the achievement would be nice.

Sorry but I have no idea. Like I said, I’m grabbing the curses in hope it does increase the drop chance for the pup like it does the mount.