Ok, so what's the best way to get the Horseman drops?

Is it one of those ok chances first run and almost no chance on alts? Does having the four wickerman curses increase chances? I ran Direbrew 15+ times a day during Brewfest and only got the saddle on the last day. I’d really like to avoid that during Hallow’s End if I can, without, you know, just not doing it.

Yes. On first kill of the day.

A blue has already stated. Your first kill does stack with curses for a better chance. It’s just the first kill

You can’t avoid it, you run with the curses every time and that’s it, that’s your best chance.

So it’s only the first kill of the day on your account that gets (slightly) increased chances?


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But do the curses work with alt’s reduced chances?

I’m rather shy-ish about tanking, but I’ve tanked HH in the past and not had too bad a go of it.

Are these additional difficulties (the “hard-mode” elements) something that might trip me up?
I’ve never really raided, so I don’t even know what the added difficulties for raids and mythics are like.

They might as they require a lot more movement

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Was reading this morning that using the wickermen at the beginning and making the event more difficult increases the drop rates of the mount. Not sure if it applies to the other items.

Btw, I really like the new fight. I don’t miss chasing his head around every couple of minutes.

I can say it did for me, mount dropped on my 8th alt that completed with all 4 debuffs still in place. :metal: