[H][Area52] 11/11N 10/11H SoFO <Archetÿpe> is recruiting Ranged DPS for 9.2 Raiding!

Archetÿpe is a Mythic raiding guild that was 10/10H and 4/10M for SoD and are currently 11/11N and 10/11 Heroic for SoFO. We took a break from this patch due to lack of content with some of our core continuing their paths with other guilds or games. We currently have 10+ core raiders and are looking to fill out what would be our 20-25 man roster for 9.2 mythic raiding. A majority of our group is made up of those who have raided and/or raid led since Vanilla. We are an adult raiding guild with quite a few degenerates. We take raiding seriously but do not have a demanding raid schedule ( two days, six hours) and are pushing for CE. You must be open to criticism and always be willing to improve for the better of the team and no one is protected from such advice. We focus on Mythic+ whenever we are not raiding as well as some PvP and are open to inviting those who only want to focus on those aspects of the game!

Raid Days/Times

Tue/Thu 8:00-11:00CST

Classes/Specs Recruiting

We want skilled players over classes and will always keep that as a priority. As well as how you fit with the rest of us (a little debauchery is included).









REMEMBER!! The list above is what we desire but we are always open to other classes with exceptional players.

Please contact me on:

Discord - fiikfiic#1242 (that’s four i’s)

Battlenet - fiikfiic#1815

or my GM;

Discord - Bausie#8700

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