[H][Thrall][US] <Mediocrity> New Guild with previous CE & 4/8M EP Leads Looking to Build Roster for Current EP Prog and 8.3

Mediocrity is a semi-hardcore guild, based on Thrall-US, created by players who want to maintain a mellow time in-game but also push content in a meaningful way. We aim to improve where we can and strive to play as our best selves, even though we may not be the best players. Led by previous CE raid experience, Mediocrity is for the folks who have interest in raiding with a progression-minded group but on a more relaxed schedule with a calm and fun approach.

We’re happy to be home to players of all types - in addition to pushing new content, we also complete M+ keys regularly, level alts, complete backraiding, old content, and dabble in PvP. If you’re a new (or returning player) looking for a home to spread your wings and learn in, Mediocrity is happy to help. Practice makes perfect and everyone has to start somewhere. :slight_smile:

Progression Raid Times

  • Tuesday 9-11:30pm EST (6-8:30pm PST)
  • Thursday 9-11:30pm EST (6-8:30pm PST)

Optional Heroic re-clears created throughout the week

If interested feel free to DM me , contact me the GM at Fire#1110 (Discord), Fire#1218 (BNet)…

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Still needing more people!

Cross server next week still need dps and a healer with a dps os let me know we can work something out and talk

We provide all food/pots/enchants etc. to raiders and core guild members

If interested in giving us a try, we’re running Heroic EP clears on Tuesday/Thursday and a Mythic EP PUG on Wednesday :slight_smile:

Casuals more than welcome, and those wanting to get in to keys (10+) and push for Mythic raiding involvement

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Still could use some dps :slight_smile: and we take casuals as well if you’re looking for a home

We’re still actively recruiting!
Come join us for a Heroic EP clear and get that sweet, sweet AOTC

Message sent on discord!

Still recruiting all specs/classes - priority to DPS and healers (non-druid heals)

Still could use some dps feel free to hit me up on bnet Fire#1218…

We’re just a few short of a full Mythic roster!
Expecting to be 3/8M (minimum) by next reset) :slight_smile:

Hello! Very interested, experienced and skilled resto druid returning to the game! i took a break right before the launch of 8.2.5 and just returned last friday. Ive managed to get my IL up to 430 equipped and a quick run on normal, but if you check my logs from BoD you can see that i am definitely capable (7/9M). I also have a holy paladin Aetro who you can also look logs up on…but that toon is currently inactive - just maining the druid for now.

No raid exp this tier other than a quick normal run, but ill look to message you this evening and maybe we can talk a bit if youre interested.