[H] <Fathom> 6/8H, Fri/Sat 8-11CST, LFM Cutting Edge Eternal Palace

Fathom is a weekend mythic progression guild on Mal’Ganis. We are looking to recruit for core raiders in preparation for Cutting Edge in 8.2 as well as any social players who are looking for a home.

Currently in Need of:

  • A few more ranged dps to round out the roster: particularly Boomkin , Lock or Mage
  • 1 Healer: preferably Holy Priest or Holy Pally
  • Any good dps can be considered / worked around.

Our Raid Schedule:

  • Friday 8-11 Central

  • Saturday 8-11 Central

As our raiding schedule is minimal, our main priority is efficient progression in order to maximize our time. This means that we appreciate the success of tight teamwork, mechanics and class knowledge. While we provide most flasks and feasts, we do expect raiders to come prepared with other consumables and knowledge of fight strategies.

A Bit More About Us:

Fathom also values family. We are a relaxed and friendly group of players, who enjoy each others company both in WoW and other games. Politics and guild drama are minimal. Mythic Keystones, achievement runs, leveling alts or just having a laugh together are an important part of our guild.

We also represent Fathom Gaming, which is an eSports organization operated by our GM, Cutegrampy. If you are interested in becoming involved with our stream team, please let us know.


Applications are open to quality raiders of all roles who can make our raid times consistently as well as social players looking for a home. If our guild sounds like a good fit for you, then feel free to:

  • Apply or check as out on our website at: Fathom Gaming

  • Contact an Officer Bnet: Toe#1826, Olly#1460, Cutegrampy#1884

  • Contact an Officer Discord: Ollorin#5914

Still looking for a few more!

Where are the mages at?!

Still looking for a couple of dps to round out a strong 8.2 roster!

roster still has a few opening feel free to add us

/bump. Looking for a few ranged dps (lock, boomy, mage, hunter) for Eternal Palace to be a part of our core Mythic group.

Any ranged dps out there, feel free to contact us! Eternal Palace raiding commences tomorrow!

Still looking

Still particularly need a few good ranged dps, any great players can be worked around!