[H] <Brotocol> Cho'Gall | LF Resto Shaman & MW Monk for 9.2 CE - Tues/Thurs 8pm to 11pm EST

Hello Potential Raider!

Current Openings
Healers - Resto Shaman, Mistweaver Monk
Ranged DPS - Boomkin, Mage

Current Progress
9/10M SOD, 47% Sylvanas

Raid schedule:
Tuesday from 8PM EST to 11PM EST
Thursday from 8PM EST to 11PM EST

Our Focus:
Our focus for Shadowlands will be on pushing Cutting Edge at a timely pace. I am building this team for people who want to be relied on, and to be able to rely on their teammates. We are a community based progression guild.

The guild was formed during Firelands in Cataclysm, with the focus on being a casual place for the “bros”. We started as a group of friends who wanted to get together, raid at a casual pace, and just enjoy the content. Since those beginnings, we have been a steady Guild, ever pushing our limitations. We saw steady growth and improvement in our Mythic efforts throughout BFA. Our goal for Shadowlands is to consistently push Cutting Edge, as well as to strive for Realm First. Our group consists of players from Vanilla, as well as folks who’ve only discovered the game in BFA. At our core, we remain true to our essence of being a community of “Bros”. Our leadership is focused on nurturing an active, supportive, and light hearted environment, while obtaining our raiding goals through steady progress.

Our Expectations:

  1. Come with an understanding of the current & next progression fight. I.E. Review fight videos or written guides.
  2. Come prepared to raid for 3 hours. You are expected to have healing potions, dps potions, MRT, DBM, and any WeakAuras you need.
  3. Please plan to be online 10 minutes before raid starts, as we form the group and summon, so that we’re ready to begin clearing content at 8pm sharp.
  4. You should be able to take constructive criticism as productive. We are not here to hurt feelings, but to work with you to ensure we, as a group, as performing at the highest level we can. Degrading and demeaning comments are not tolerated, but constructive criticism and feedback is essential to growth.
  5. Be willing to share your ideas! We are a team, and succeed as one. You may have an idea that helps push us in a positive direction.
  6. Come with a positive attitude. We’re all here to accomplish the same task of downing content, getting geared, and having fun.

A final note:
We’re a pretty laid back group, with adult raiders, and adult content. You will not be asked to have multiple alts geared. We want you to play what you enjoy, however, you must be able to perform when the time comes. If Brotocol seems like the type of Guild you would like to be a part of, please do not hesitate to reach out!

Discord: Mental#9967

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Hosting Mythic Trial on Tuesday, June 9th - 2 dps spots available

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Hello, still looking for DH?

Hey Bahal, please add me on discord so we can talk. Mental#9967

Hey Y’all! Are you still looking for a BDK? I’m 10/12M and in need of a new home!

Please hit me up on discord! Mental#9967

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