Going to have to reverse transfers

Lol, is this the same player who posted an almost identical whine in the other thread celebrating player idiocy ?

I think you’ll have trouble finding sympathy for your situation, and as per your other comment on a different toon, lololololololololol.


Ignore the trolls they troll every thread here. The fact is this whole thing was very poorly executed. If Blizzard would have been less vague no guild would have risked transferring and losing half the guild. They need to fix this mess.


Funny how Fearlina turns out to be the best server in NA.

Good joke. I’m sure a server full of twitch emote spammers and Asmongold’s bootlickers is a real fantastic place.

I’ll be over here on the ACTUAL best server, aka Grobbulus.


Blizzard has a serious problem here. To put server transfer at 11am in the middle of a monday only leaves it up for interpretation that the transfer would be available at least for the day not 1 hout 53 mins. Blizzard was i think caught off guard by the amount of 1 faction was transferring from a given server do too population imbalance. If they where truly caught off guard then they havent been paying attention to these issues well enough to know this type of mass faction transfer might happen. 2 if this was a actual miss post/error on there part they need to fix the error bu allowing said factio. To transfer back to there original server to reunite with there guild or allow all faction to transfer to continue for a given time. Either parts of “2” will fix the situation. Since blizzard did drop the ball


Just as an FYI:

As mentioned, open a customer support issue in-game to attempt to reverse your transfers if you were alliance on one of the horde-only realm transfers.

Seemingly, transfers to these servers for alliance were not supposed to be activated at all and some people who jumped on them at first open inadvertently were allowed through - thus, creating the problem.


Just painting that blue:


Thank you for the update, Kaivax!



Thank you for considering faction balance!

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And now Kaivax steals all my hearts for the same answer :stuck_out_tongue:


Wait for it…


Hows that foot taste Somalion?


What? You expected them to stick around so you could farm them?

It sounds like you’re the cause of your own problems, expecting other people to take one for the team so you don’t have to change anything.


Can’t thank you enough for considering and encouraging faction balance!


not sure i have been hoping accounts to put tickets in glad to entertain though if it was me

see yall everyone gets so angry… just take a second chill out and send in a ticket you never know what could happen… people act like blizzard wants to ruin their own game… theyre doing the best they can… havent had this much fun playing a video game in years


And Horde will only ever play on a server where they’re at least 2-1. Tell me, if Alliance suck at wpvp, but Horde can only win when they have at least double the numbers- does that mean you suck twice as much at pvp as any member of the Alliance?

Or do you just roll on imbalanced servers so you can be on a pve server while getting to pretend to be able to pvp?


It must seem like everyone sucks when he’s double their level. /s

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You try telling my wife that. If I pull a blizzard and « end suddenly » on her I’m gonna be sleeping on the couch for a very long time… warning or not

The vagueness is intentional, it means stop at any moment for any condition they so choose. It’s worded that way so that you know that it can end at any time for any reason

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While we are encouraging faction balance can we have faction specific queues too?

Really stinks I’ll have to wait in queue tomorrow because not enough horde will go to heartseeker.

Edit: to clarify I’m on Herod and the amount of horde that would have to leave (which won’t) would have to be in the thousands to make things more “balanced”


And blizzard created the problem of allowing horde to be the go to choice for a few years on retail. Did anyone in the classic community seriously not at all consider that retail ideologies and behaviors would bleed over to classic? Especially given a large amount of invested and competent retail players are now playing classic.

Playing Horde is the bandwagon faction.