PvP on a PvP server

ok so here is my question that I’ve asked every time this is brought up.
Let’s say it’s raid night on a 80/20 faction balanced server and total server pop = number of people currently wanting to log in.
Now let’s say it forces 60/40 split, so you have a server with 1/2 of it’s total allowed population logging in as it’s 30/20 with all of one faction and less than half of the other allowed into the server currently. Now you are part of the 50% that is now late for a raid as you watch queues of multiple hours queues to get onto the server … are you ok with this ?

Oh I love fair , balanced open world PvP , that’s why I play on Normal servers.

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Those can have plenty of factionally unbalanced PVP
Difference is, you can simply turn it off if you are the outnumbered guy

is the honor distribution faction specific?

Could be that those alliance on pvp servers with 10% alliance will end up with some very high ranks.

The 50% can refill just like they always tell the outnumbered faction to. At least they have an option in the other faction as opposed to getting off the server like they tell the underpopulated faction to

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You did not answer my question, are you ok with waiting multiple hours to get on a server that is showing low population (as at 50% of total allowed population) ?

Yes. If I’m a member of a faction with an 80-20 split I would either tough out the queue or convince my guild to transfer to a server with a better server population. But I actually like fair and balanced PvP, not just winning through numbers. I wouldn’t be having fun being on the 80% faction anyways.

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Then you are the anomaly honestly. Most would not understand why they have to wait in a queue to get onto an empty server.

I’d probably make a toon on the under populated faction, no queue for me :slight_smile:
And every person that did same would result in shorter and shorter queues.

Previously I’d have disagreed with you but seeing how the community has developed after launch this is obviously true.

I base my observations on 13 yrs of forum posting (not even really playing classic or retail currently but I’m still a long time WoW player and love the game and want to see it succeed - both versions) and what I see in game when I do play.

Fair enough. So I suppose you should be making an appeal to the Alliance players that used free transfers to transfer off of Herod, to come back. Either by rerolling new characters on Herod, or having the transfers reversed.

PVP is player vs player. So, if your side is lacking players, you can RALLY MORE PLAYERS, or toughen up. There is always the option to leave.

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WoWs wpvp is pretty much a joke. Its for people who cant hack it in real pvp games.

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That’s a great point. Over time, I think servers would start to grow more balanced and generally less popular, but an artificial barrier could still be problematic in that way. Do you see any way around that problem? Does the server have any live data on the population inside instances, so those players count against a faction’s limit, as this is a world PvP problem? Maybe increase the limit to a 2:1 ratio instead of 1.5:1 as 60/40 is, though that degree of imbalance still seems problematic?

More casual tears. Nothing to see here.

Horde on Stalagg is the most casual of casual. People who suck at PvP so much, they shiver at the thought of transferring to any balanced server. Accuse them of their obvious cowardice, and they’ll throw ridiculous excuses and insults at you.

We won the war on Stalagg. At launch we had a balanced server and the alliance started dropping like flys and then server transfers destroyed them completely. I walk my server like a conquering hero, can you say the same casual?

Yea it is, they knew what they signed up for.

Well Blizzard Balance would be nice. :smirk:

I play on Bleeding Hollow (Horde Dominated) but I main Alliance, if I had known about checking faction ratios prior to making my character, then I would’ve instantly chosen a different server. The only thing me and my friends can do is PvE, and even then all the world bosses are engulfed in a sea of orange name plates.

Wrong forums.