Having trouble with a transfer

On this character, Celatus? It looks like you have a letter and three pieces of mail with items attached. As Ekon suggested, check your ignores.


Um so i got transfered off and a bunch of my friends did not get transfered before suddenly it was horde only what is going on. We were all just finally getting together on the same server and now we’re more split up than ever!!!


So now im locked out of posting in support at all really what is going on over there?!?

That fact that you posted would refute that, Gkhan. You usually cannot reply to yourself though.


i cant open a new thread about whats going on with my accounts having toons spread accross 2 servers because transfers were stopped when i was half done

If you transferred before the Horde only option was activated, I’d recommend contacting Support. Due to the circumstances we may be able to revert the character move so you can return to the source realm.


Have you tried logging out of and back into the forums?

I have been putting in tickets thats why i keep switching accounts

its pretty obvious i transfered before it was made horde only since you helped me do it

I replied to your earlier post, Gkhan, I have nothing to do with the Free Character Moves or have a time frame on when they were updates to restrict to Horde only. I only see that it says Horde only on the thread in Classic. I am also not a Game Master, I can’t assist with this process outside of what suggestions I provided.

As for your posting, you are a new user on the forums, meaning you don’t appear to have posted before this. That is restricted to help prevent spamming/abuse, so topic creation is limited until that happens. It usually doesn’t take long.


I put toons from 2 different servers onto the one so now you’re saying im going to have to split them back up again and try to get friends and guilds to all do that too? Understood

It looks like you put in a single ticket, a little over 2 hours ago, which you appear to have abandoned.

You’ll want to put in a ticket using the “Refund request” option, for character services. Use Webchat and let them know that you used the Free Character Moves before they added the restrictions and since your friends are now unable to move you would like to return.

As a general reminder, CS is only able to assist with Free Character Moves that were interrupted by an error on Blizzard’s end the day the transfers began. CS is still unable to assist with all other Free Character Moves outside of this specific instance.


You don’t have to, but if the goal was to join your friends and that option is not currently available due to the faction restriction, then I’d recommend doing what you think is best based on the current situation. Stay or ask to move back. The option to move non-Horde characters or your friends is simply not available at this time.


yeah i put in tickets to have everything put back the way it was but honestly if they mess it up even more i think like 40 of us are just gonna quit this has been an abomination since launch with the server issues.

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different accounts and yeah that was the mail issue one

I moved like 20 toons across 5 different accounts im not filling out crap for everyone of them if they cant fix what they messed up ill just go play something else. thanks for your time

Why would need to? Just tell them which characters to reverse when you open the ticket and only do one ticket.


thats what i did but if you look at the link the the cs person put in it wants you to fill out all kinds of crap I had to name change half the toons they can see what transfers were done they just need to reverse it if they cant then they don’t want my business all that badly but they got me on several accounts for 6 months so i guess the jokes on me.


Yes, and in the big box that says “description,” you put in the names of all of the characters you want reversed. Only one ticket is needed.


We don’t have a “list how many characters you transferred and want to move back” ticket, Gkhan. The link I provided is the closest for the situation and it has a description box, to fill out move relevant information… I also recommended using Live Chat… but the choice is yours. Good luck.