This transfer is not currently available for your characters faction

A dollar late and a day short as always-GG.

Blizzard needed to restrict transfers off from the lower populated factions the moment they decided to open transfers

Good, quit then. We dont need all these Alliance players who are complete crybabies and should have rolled PVE to begin with ruining the servers anymore.


You’re so wrong on so many levels its unreal. When I first rolled on Stalagg, it was a popping server, with massive populations on both sides. The wildly inaccurate WoWhead Census (which was ultimately taken down due to the inaccuracies they themselves acknowledged) then incited a mass panic amongst the Alliance causing them all to tuck tail and flee.

I was here since Day 1, before anyone knew what the population ratios were going to be like. Your argument is moot, because the Alliance that left did so 100% due to population concerns. I did not end up on Horde because I wanted to be on the winning side. I ended up on Horde because I was Horde in Vanilla.

I fought for the Horde in Vanilla when we were outnumbered 4:1 on my server by the Alliance wretches, and I continue to fight for the Horde now. That’s always been my agenda. Yours apparently, revolves around only fighting for the Alliance, where there’s no Horde to fight.

Try again.

Imagine the weeping and gnashing of teeth if they had faction locked the servers at launch … “I cant play with my friends now…thanks Blizz!!!”
Hahaha. Nothing makes people happy.

The only reason your guild got split was because you all were trying to transfer to an alliance dominant server. Don’t try to act like you were going to a balanced realm.

Could just submit tickets asking for a reversal as a blue so nicely pointed out here… Going to have to reverse transfers?

That census stuff (accurate or not) definitely damaged faction balance.

You’re on a server where there’s barely any Alliance, and a sea of Horde. I don’t see how me being on a server where I can enter a zone and see one other Alliance in the same amount of time I’ve seen 20 other Horde, where in any contested zone there are more Horde within visual range at any time than there are Alliance in a /who of the entire zone- means I want no Horde to fight?

Not wanting to be 1-10 means I want no Horde to fight? You realize you’re in the exact situation you’re talking about yeah? No, no of course you don’t- because somehow you’re looking at those that went to HS alliance and thinking down on them, while you’re in literally the same position- and you can’t even realize that.

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I’m not though.

You seem to fail to comprehend that the Alliance created this problem for themselves when you let panic take hold and mass transferred during the first wave. These 9:1 skewed ratios wouldn’t exist if all the Alliance hadn’t left in the first place.

I was ganked plenty of times leveling, before all the Alliance fled en-masse, and often found myself outnumbered in the field. A 60:40 split is not something you’re going to notice for the most part out in the world, because not everyone is online at the same time, in the same area.

When I rolled on Stalagg, servers weren’t even live yet, there was absolutely no way for me to know I was on the “dominant” faction, even though realistically, there were plenty of players on both sides.

When you transferred to Heartseeker, you did know that the Horde had you outnumbered, and so you fled, creating a self-fulfilling prophecy of skewed faction ratios.

That’s the difference bud. Try to grasp it. Or don’t.
At least we have some healthy PvP competition in the OG Alliance guilds here to fight back in the form of Grizzly, Ascension, TURBO BUS, AQ Pest Control, ToW, Tyrant, Danger Zone, Instinct, RETRO etc.

In fact, 3 of the first 4 guilds to clear MC on this server were Alliance, and 4/5 of the fastest MC clears on this server goes to Alliance. So I can confidently say that even without numbers, Alliance are going to be able to put up a very good fight on Stalagg.

Have fun with your world PvP on Heartseeker, where 9/10 of the first server Rag kills went to Alliance, and 10/10 of the fastest MC clears goes to Alliance.

So no. We are not at all in the same boat.

Again, I’m on Stalagg- ffs you can scroll over my name and see that. So the difference here is I’m on a server where I’m massively outnumbered- and you’re sharing the situation with HS Alliance while making up excuses- and that’s all they are, excuses- for why you aren’t the same.

You’re the same, you’re the exact same- you’re in the same situation, you have a solution available to you to be put into a situation similar to what they used to face and what Stalagg A do face- you aren’t taking it, for the same reason HS Ally moved.

You want the ez mode pvp with no fear of ganking, you want to be able to farm in the world without any competition, knowing if any alliance come along you have a dozen pals within a minute’s ride to come stomp.

Nothing wrong with that- but stop pretending you’re any different from HS Alliance, you aren’t.

Also, stop acting like I’m on HS- you can clearly see it says Stalagg. Unlike you, I can handle being on an outnumbered server.


Oh dude a level 23 Rogue is your main? I for sure thought you had a 60 on Heartseeker or something, no wonder you’re so wildly off base about the state of the PvP playing field at 60.

Last night multiple Alliance raids completely locked down Blackrock Mountain for hours. That’s not something you’re ever going to see Horde do on Heartseeker, so no the comparison you’re trying to draw is completely out of touch with reality.

If you read that, you’d realize that Alliance at end-game are very strong on Stalagg. When we were running around with our dungeon blues, Alliance was out there smashing us with Bonereavers and Perdition’s Blades a week after launch.

Maybe spend less time on the forums whining and more time leveling and you can join them.

No wonder you won’t move- you’re complaining about Alliance on a server you have a massive numbers advantage on, you wouldn’t be able to handle HS.

Having a solid Alliance raid core means pretty much nothing for people still levelling btw. And I am leveling- or at least, looking for a dungeon group to do so while I’m on the forums. Believe it or not, it can take days to find a group at low levels, that’s how decimated the non-60 population of the Alliance is now.

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Stalagg -> Arcanite Reaper Horde-only
Stalagg -> Heartseeker Horde-only

You realize how ridiculous you sound when Stalagg currently only allows Horde transfers off the server.

Horde has the numbers but Alliance has the strength. This amuses me greatly.


I feel for you because that situation would suck.

However, it does say on the transfer post that transfers can stop at any moment without notice.

You were warned. It doesn’t make it suck less but at least they told you this was a risk before you did it.

Are you familiar with the phrase “Quality over quantity” by any chance?

Hmm, interesting. Wonder if a transfer as a group option. Where you would created some sort of a special group of users that want to xfer together and it would check thing like is the mailbox empty etc before they can be added to the group, and once they are added they can no longer receive mail etc. Hmm… Interesting idea to make xfers a better user experince… And less support tickets so it is a win/win!

Yes, in fact it seems to me like the quality of the Alliance on Stalagg is greater than the quantity of Horde. :^)


Thank you for repeating my exact argument.

That however, makes me confused as to why you’re confused if we both have the same outlook.

I said I’m amused, not confused. Reading comprehension, friend. :slight_smile:

Well at least one Horde is willing to admit the reason Horde players stack on servers is because they’re horrible players.