WoW Classic Update Schedule and Free Character Moves


Ironically, I play that too


So what are the fixes for the servers that are still completely faction imbalanced after the transfer? Is it for the faction that cant even get into a dungeon without grave yard running to re-roll?

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And yet, you keep responding to me.

Your obsession is flattering, but a little concerning. Should I contact the authorities about a stalker?

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I’ve updated the original post here.

Free Character Moves from Fairbanks, Herod, Incendius, Kromcrush, Skeram, and Stalagg are only available to Horde characters.

We had some unexpected technical issues when we first enabled this service a couple of hours ago, and we’ve been working through those.

Thank you!


My roommate is still stuck on Stalagg even though I have moved all of my characters over to Heartseeker, what do.

Thank you for reminding me to report all your replies to me as trolling and targeted harassment.

Enjoy the rest of your day. I know I am. :slight_smile:

What do you plan to do for people who planned transfers and then partially initiated before you all decided to do a faction locked transfer? People are splitting apart from their guilds now and you are impacting their gameplay.


Thank you for providing an update and listening to the out pouring feedback concerning this.

I truly appreciate you posting this update and keeping us apprised.

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My friends and guild all got through, so what do I do?

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So what about the friends and guilds that are now split on two different servers because of your “unexpected technical issues”? I notice you did not address this. Are they just stuck? Do they need to just delete their toons and walk away now?


Thank you for the update. Can you please allow something to happen that will let those who were transferred over to go back? So many people are currently split.

Will Alliance > Heartseeker ever open back up? I’m now split from friends/guildmates on an even more imbalanced server


let us transfer back for those that got through?

Blizzard, you’ve really messed up this time.

Multiple guilds are now split. I just…I don’t think I have anything to say right now I’m so mad.


You updated the post with “horde only” but alliance transfers are still an option and going through…just tested it 5 min ago (Herod -> Heartseeker)

Lmao @ all the Alliance that tried to flee to Heartseeker just to get swatted by Blizz.


It’s amazing how many Alliance on the Heartseeker discord are praising Blizzard and cheering about this move.

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