WoW Classic Update Schedule and Free Character Moves

So Stalagg was already marked as 1 layer. Now there’s a queue. That doesn’t make a lot of sense unless a TON of people came back tonight for… no content?

At any rate, the horde on my server aren’t leaving, and now I can’t transfer my characters to any server? I know Heartseeker was full, but why isn’t Arcanite Reaper an option? The queue screen indicates transfers are available, but I have no choices to transfer to avoid the queue? That hardly seems fair.

The barrier to faction transfers was lifted at the end of WotLK, like 3.3 I’m fairly certain. I remember that day vividly because I ran on wild hammer that was a pvp server relatively balanced, then a bunch of ally’s transferred to horse and I saw several familiar names raiding/blowing up the storm wind AH

I just reread… No, that wasn’t your fault. I misread. I apologise!

Some people will come back for the world bosses.

Restricting those server transfers to one faction was stupid as heck imo. People aren’t going to want to go from an ideal situation - server horde heavy to a crappy one - server alliance heavy.

It litterally said Horde-only transfer for Stalagg. You guys might want to check the blue post again to get your facts right before you post on forums. K thx bai.

Lmao. You’re responding to a 5 day old post. Any cursory research would demonstrate easily that at the time these transfers were opened, they were not faction restricted. In fact, the whole reason there’s been so much drama is because Alliance started transferring, and then got cut off from the rest of their friends/guilds when the faction restriction went into effect.

See Blue Post:

If it was ALWAYS faction restricted, there wouldn’t need to be a blue post about reversing transfers for the people who got split from their friend groups would there?

You might want to try critical thinking before you post on the forums.

Or you know. Just reading before posting and making yourself look like a clown is good too. K thx bai.

As much as Ragefist & I disagree on a great many things… He is correct in this case.

The “Horde only” garbage didn’t show up until 2-3 hours into the transfer window, after several players got through, splitting guilds, friends, etc mid-transfer.

That is what most of the commotion is about, and why there have been a lot of Alliance players saying they were just giving up.

Not that I really feel it’s going to do much to balance populations unless they give Horde incentive to transfer, but it is what it is.

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and it will become possible for Azuregos and Kazzak to spawn.<

Can anything be done for those guilds who are going to camp these bosses and prevent other players from being able to take part? There is already a guild on my server with player in position to camp these, and warlocks in the area to quickly summon the group there. their plan is to basically farm it and make it impossible for anyone else to take part.

Still don’t know what you’re talking about. The incentive is the queue that servers that are dealing with layering removal are dealing with. Faerlina had a 2 hour queue last night on Tuesday… biggest raid night of the week. We’re seeing a big influx on heartseeker that is already helping offset a bit of the imbalance.

why aren’t you putting in payed character Transfer. i think it’s about time. me and many people would like to play with there friends with out giving up on there characters that they put there heart in to.

Smolderweb is so heavily skewed to horde population that its a little disheartening to see that its not on the list to either transfer some more alliance inbound or horde away.

What’s going on over at Blizz HQ? Alliance guilds are still split in half with GM’s saying that reverse transfers aren’t going through. It took 6 minutes to transfer off a server, but we’re going on 2 days without anyway to get back.


If you’re going to faction limit transfers and force layering off, how about faction balancing the queues? If you want Horde to leave realms like Herod, make them wait in the queue and let the Alliance through. If you balance the online population by faction and stick the overpopulated faction in a queue, you pretty much solve the in-game population balance issue. Instead, we have multi-hour queues as an underdog faction.


It’s not on us actually dipstick. 2019 almost 2020, and they still fail to make servers able to handle so many people, they need to make “major servers”, they easily can afford and get better servers to hold LARGE amount of people, and I mean thousands. If we are paying $15.00 a month, we should be able to play no matter what, we shouldn’t be force or have to go another server just to play cause these morons don’t know what they are doing, and that is a FACT. Blizzard has failed for long long time now, and they always will and do you know why? cause they are MORONS and all they care about is money.

Servers x-fers to heartseeker for A side were closed off within an hour or two? What about all of us at work. My group is now fractured…so much for ‘classic community’


What is the point of character transfers to get people off of a realm that has queues, if half of the player base can’t use them? Am I stuck with login queues forever now because I chose to play alliance?


When are you going to fix the mistakes you have done regarding the Brazilian community?

Due to the queues problems at the very beggining and the fact of Sul’Thraze being only launched several weeks after the orginal Classic launch time, lots of Brazilians prefered not to transfer, staying on their original servers. Now the Sul’Thraze is practically empty, and you know that.

We desperate need some action from Blizzard.

We want to play (and have fun) on a realm with the features that a MMORPG such WoW needs and all these features relay on having players.

So, why not merging the Brazilian realm with the Latin America realm, for example? Or just merge it with any other realm… Or let us free or pay transfer to a more populated server. Whatever, do something!

I think people that effectively moved from others servers to Sul’Thraze deserve some attention from Blizzard in order to be able to have a good experience in this game without throwing away our 20+ days in game and having to start all over again on a new realm.

Please, consider this.

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There are too many horde heavy servers. Letting the horde all move to the one server(s) that was alliance heavy isn’t going to do much to help the faction imbalance problem on the horde heavy servers - they still will be horde heavy. It will just drive some alliance players who are stuck on them to stop playing.

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I didn’t think the Brazilian and LA populations wanted to be merged together. I seem to think the original plan was to only have one and people complained they needed separate ones.

It is hardly blizzard’s fault that your community asks for things then stamps their feet when it isn’t 100% to their liking. (wasn’t referring to you in that - the people who asked for the server then when they found out was based in the US said nope not transferring - wasn’t even reasonable to ever assume it would be based in brazil).

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I agree with you, Spodge.
Now both realms are low populated, making the Classic experience very frustrating for us. And the perspective isn’t good at all, since the tendence is the popultion become even lower on these realms because people will just stop playing…

For last, speaking for me, I really don’t think I would have time - and patience - to start all over again on a new realm.