Five New WoW Classic Realms are Now Open -- Updated 5:20 p.m. PDT August 26

(Kaivax) #1

Updated 5:20 p.m. PDT August 26 – We’ve added Ashkandi, Kirtonos, and Rattlegore.

Due to very high demand, we’ve opened five new WoW Classic realms in this region:

Name Type Timezone
Ashkandi Normal Eastern
Kirtonos PvP Eastern
Kromcrush PvP Eastern
Kurinnaxx PvP Pacific
Rattlegore PvP Pacific

We suggest that players choosing a realm consider one of these, as other realms currently marked as “Full” population will experience extended queues.

Thank you!

What happend to "we have new servers ready to spin up when needed?"
Everything is full and Queue times insane
Paying $15 to sit in a queue for 347 minutes?
Why you no learn blizzard
We need new realms!
Anticipating Classic Interest Falloff?
New Realms Megathread
10 (TEN) Hours in queue, 5 MINUTES play, DC, Back to 10 hour queue

Need more eastern PvP!!! Thank you!

(Patchs) #3

No PvP Eastern.



Thank you Kaivax! :slight_smile: You guys rock.


open more layers please


Pvp east? Hello? Paying attention at all?


all servers full


US EAST and PVP is the combination that has no server without a multiple hour queue. Why release a USWEST one? There’s an instant-no-queue option already!

(Enabrann) #10

Eastern pvp pls

(Nocht) #11

Well played.


grats healers


Eastern pop common


20K+ queue on Whitemane, sitting in 4500 queue on Blameux.

East US needs more PVP


What a joke!!! two servers with 20k wait times on every server up. What a poor roll out from a billion dollar company.


It says kromcrush is pvp in the game is that true?


think they will add more soon


how about a new Oceanic PvP server?


Eastern PVP now!!


Two is not near enough…


EST PVP IMO please