Five New WoW Classic Realms are Now Open -- Updated 5:20 p.m. PDT August 26


I have a feeling they will be adding more than 2 servers before the night is over.


eastern pvp servers please <3


Kromcrush shows as PVP in the server select…


See that pacific people? get on the new realm asap! and geroff whitemane…

(Sangocarnage) #26

2 whole servers? Its okay everyone, the day has been saved!


Going to need more then that wish you guys would get your heads out of your bungholes and fix this…


Eastern PVP please. Herod queue is over 20k, Stalagg 14k, your newest server Incendius is 12k.

Why open a PST one? EST PVP please!


PvP Eastern. 25K+ on a realm after switching TWICE is not ok. Isn’t layering supposed to be a thing?


No Eastern PvP? Srsly? Come on


Pleeeeease more pvp eastern!

(Unholydivver) #32

The brand new eastern PvP realms that launched earlier today that are now completely full and your response is to open an eastern PvE realm?

Get a god damn clue…


LOL no eastern PVP when they are the most popular with the longest q’s. good grief, stop being so stingy and let us play the fricken game.


We need another rppvp!


LMAO, yea can we all say LAME!


Need eastern PvP boys come on


Definitely need more EST PVP realms.


“Due to very high demand…”
From Duh.

GG not.


PvP EST You can do it Blizzard!


The true vanilla experience.


Can you, you know, check the PvP east stats and maybe unlock about 45 more servers. Like Why on earth are you opening realms for areas with less queue times. Completely ridiculous.