10 (TEN) Hours in queue, 5 MINUTES play, DC, Back to 10 hour queue

You have got to be kidding me.

Meanwhile the Blizz executives are laughing their way to the bank.

I only just got in and accepted my first quest after 10 hour queue. DC. Log straight back in to the END of the line… WTF happened to not being sent into a queue if you get dcd.

Note: it wasnt my net that dcd either. The game dcd me.


Lol. That’s funny. HAHAHA


Hmm everything is fine on Blaumeux.

My groups original server was Whitemane. We moved. We r big smart.

yeah i am same as you this is fukken bulshyt

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Who cares? If you want to play at launch this is what you are signing up for and you know it.

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They opened a bunch more servers, you can log straight into them.
They warned us for weeks what trying to play on a full server was going to be like, suggested people make another choice and they refused = waiting forever.

It wont be 10 hours again

All good for the casuals. Does nothing for the players who’re trying to join the rest of their guild who’ve been online since launch…

Yep, great, so I prepayed to reserve my names and now all those names are taken on those new servers that they opened with no notice.

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Working as intended.

I wasn’t going to say anything until I read this … so I’m just going to drop a few links here and let this settle in for you. Be sure to check the time stamps of when they were posted too.

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OCE region was only given one realm. Halfway through the day after launch we recieved a 2nd server with no notice so all the names were taken before realizing we could leave the queue and start on the new server instead?
My point, we should have been given two servers to reserve names on in the first place. It was very unwise to think we would only fill one server.

Sucker ! [laughs in Retail]

I moved from Herod to Stalagg to Skeram to finally finding my new forever home at Kirtonus.

Even if it becomes a low population dead server I won’t be moving.

I’m only playing Classic for the low level PvP brackets. Just gonna have a farming main.

Every server will have a rank 14. Every faction will have a hardcore raiding guild. I’m not worried.

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