Paying $15 to sit in a queue for 347 minutes?


959 que for me…lol


More like 50 cents. You’re welcome.


Those 347 minutes cost you 12 cents of your subscription.


Hahaha, it’s like no one has ever played an online game at launch before.


launch is the 28th…



they have launched 3 new servers btw, instant que :slight_smile:


You can always stand up, or lay down instead of sit. There are many options you could do.


There really are only 2 valid excuse for this.

  1. Blizzard did this on purpose to create artificial scarcity and gaming news hype.

  2. Blizzard engineers are bad at there jobs.


Not sure if trolling or…

(Alpacapacino) #19

you wanted the classic experience right?

Stop complaining then :slight_smile: #NOCHANGES

(Karat) #20

They have opened up new servers.

That aside, they don’t want to open up a ton of servers just for 4/5 of them to die once the people that are just here for the hype leave so they’re doing it piecemeal.


not, was told release was the 28th. pretty sure that is date they said. dunno


Bye Bye retail baby, sitting in Queue IS the wow experience


Doesn’t matter, we’re still spending money to play a game, not wait in line. This isn’t 6 Flags, this is a virtual world.

(Floyln) #25

Five new servers opened. When did you switch?


thank god for universal health care


No in game gold. No. Game time, probably.


Not in Murica ya dont

(Craggar) #29

You wanted the authentic WoW experience from vanilla, you got it. Long login queues, server crashes, and massive lag. Welcome to WoW 1.0.