Everything is full and Queue times insane


I’ve just realized I am never getting in soon. 15min stuck @ 2447. Maybe hit 0 @ after 10 more hours?


Yes, because if you merge them your player doesn’t control the community they are subjected to… Which was a LARGE part of the WoW experience back in Vanilla… Your server was your community… and only limited transfers were allowed in extreme cases…

It will be a week of this at most, than all of the people who rose tiinted glasses get washed leave, and the people who just wanted to try vanilla leave… Things will normalize

(Zazzaro) #35

Exactly what happened to me, got DCed while killing wolves and now have to wait for 20k other people to be DCed.

  • Log in
    For the 5th time in a row…

  • Choose Realm (Westfall)

  • Estimated Wait Time: < 6 minutes

  • Enter World

  • Loading Screen > 75% and stops

  • CTRL + ALT + DELETE > Task Manager > End Task: WoW

  • /facepalm

“Haven’t we been through this before” ~ Chromie


I just wanted to say my ETA is 69 minutes…that is all



You got your wish! - Two New WoW Classic Realms are Now Open


Adding more realms still don’t fix the issue why loading screen just stops at 75%.


What the hell happened to layering.


They must have run out of servers


Alternatively, you can use CTRL + SHIFT + ESCAPE to open Task Manger, directly. Don’t put all this time on Blizzard! /s


561 minutes here…


BFA servers are fully open and operational. and if you log on now you get a unique shiny mount


LOL not sure where you get 20 mins from. I’ve been sitting at 26 mins to go for the past hour and a half ;p.


every realm is 5000+ queue and PST hasnt even hit prime time yet…

(Hayhey) #47

On not the wait times are well over an hour and 25k deep in many servers. I was on Herod then got kicked and cant get back in


Lol - called it!


My server it’s more like an 45 mins to an hour.


15 years of queue/server launch inadequacies. Some things never truly change.


C’mon guys… go easy on Blizz. Their sub levels dropped to like 1mill so that’s only like 8mill a month they’re making on subscriptions alone - they have limited resources.


I’ve been in Que since 4 pm central time. 1307 and my wait time has gone from 35 mins to 29 mins the entire time. Should add a decimal point to that wait time.