Anticipating Classic Interest Falloff?

Not even sure what you are trying to say.

ok. in your next post talk about the classic community’s low maturity levels again.

Right now the only metric I can see is the wowtoken price. It’s not that spiky but it is increasing.

I do wonder if the classic endgame can retain players. As I understand it, it’s not that hard compare to modern day WoW. So, I imagine people breezing through it. I wonder if how many people will still playing when they have a character geared.

thanks for providing any of what you are defending. A PLUS there ! haha

When you get geared that’s when the real game begins. Hillsbrad/stv

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They announced the servers opening over on the Classic GD forum. Here’s the link:

I don’t know. Players don’t wait in a 2 hour queue I they are not serious about playing the game.

The only thing that might cause a drop off is if people cant get in. Right now there are no Eastern PvP realms that are not 5000+ players oversubscribed.

They are going to have to have about a 70% drop off for the drop off to be a problem.

They need a 50% drop off just to be playable without layering.

Not sure why they couldn’t have a bazillion servers at launch first to cater to demand. If population drops, provide free server transfers and close server with deadline??

The only issue is with that philosophy. They might end up forcing people out that would have stayed. Which will mean lost revenue in the long run. I know a lot are returning after six plus year break from playing WOW due to classic release. Upset those returning players , could mean lost subs. Which will be very bad for Blizzard this years revenues. Since Classic is the only thing that is coming out.

aND GO enjoy them.

3985 in queue.

To be fair, younger people have been taught to be that way. Streaming TV and music and e-books and phones mean NO waiting.

I still remember having to wait a year to see “The Wizard of Oz” on TV. It was like an extra holiday every year.

I often wonder if human beings aren’t actually happier if they have to wait for more things. It gives us more to look forward to.


I personally don’t mind the wait, its part of the experience. If all the emotionally unstable cry babies don’t play because of que times all the better. There will most certainly be a drop off of tourists checking it out.

Pict. I like you…what server you end up on? Lets makes toons called Spotti and Spottislackofunderstanding and go kill some boars.

I’m more interested in what I might get in my weekly M+ chest tomorrow than Classic WoW.

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Yes, they are FULLY anticipating a fall off, and further when that falloff happens, preventing essentially dead servers. That is why there are so few.

Those that never played Classic may like it. Or, they may THINK they will like it but once they get into it not be able to stand the lack of QoL, etc.

Some will have rose colored glasses. It simply will not be what they remembered.

Once all that chafe is cut, you have those that have the experience they wanted, and numbers will stabilize. Queues will drop, and Blizzard will not be overextended.

It is a smart choice on their part. They can always add more. That looks good to investors, players, etc. However, shutting some down on the other hand…


Old guildmates still make fun of me for that. They were all excited for Classic today. I openly laughed at them in Discord. LIke hard. My ribs hurt. Most thought it was funny. One was not amused much LOLOL

stalagg horde baby

Dang…just got home from work so hard to get on one of the new ones

Yep basically this. They are simply avoiding server shut downs in the future, which would be more of a problem then than queue times are now.