What happend to "we have new servers ready to spin up when needed?"

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Why do all these retail players think one of the most popular and well known games of all time will die in 3 days?


Releasing new servers right now would be a complete failure. They will fill up faster than all the current servers combined. They are going to have to release them in the coming weeks.

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Don’t worry, we will get new servers “Soon”


Honestly think blizzard needs to relook at how they run the game. Look at Eve Online for example everyones on one server. Or same world but most likely ran on separate servers.


Correct. And they don’t need new servers yet, because again the goal was not to not have queues on launch, it was to not have dead servers a month from now.

Because we aren’t idiots blinded by nostalgia.



Almost every single realm has massive queues.
New realms are needed


2 new servers just went up

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When my friend asked me why I wasn’t taking a day off work today, I just laughed at him. I knew it!


new servers are up. they added 5 new ones to EU


I don’t think they anticipated going back to before they ruined the current game to kill it.


And they can’t merge servers a month from now? Get off of blizzard’s load. This is absolute garbage customer service, and the coke addled addicts on here are too blinded to see it.


But my world server is still down, 33 minutes after launch!


Blizzard has literally never merged servers in the history of the game because they view merges as more disruptive than queues at launch. Real sorry you’re too much of an impatient child to be able to wait a couple hours.


You ever heard of battle groups for servers, where they merge players to make it more fair?

They most definitely have merged players form different servers together.


Battlegroups aren’t server merges in the slightest. Battlegroups are servers grouped together for the purpose of faster BG queues. A server merge is making two servers into one.


World Server Down…that is just BS


Yeah the “new servers” they started (Kromcrush) just say “World server is down” when trying to connect (as a troll at least).


Damn shame that after you get to enter the realm the damn thing WILL NOT FINISH LOADING!!! Blizzard = Still sucking at launches!

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They won’t need to merge servers. With layering they can add or remove layers at will.