Can we get account wide ignore?

Like when you ignore someone it should just be their account, can’t say I’ve ever seen someone be like “Man, I really want to ignore this guys hunter but not the person”

Shouldn’t be a Battle to get rid of stalkers/harasses, and feel free to Tag your friends you like the idea

Edit: I specifically mean on the forums btw, I shoulda said that


I thought this was already the case.


Only in-game, not on the forums.


It should be, both in game AND on the forums.


No. On the forums we have to ignore each individual character.

When we ignore someone it SHOULD block the entire account of the person.

I can see the pros and cons of a 2 way ignore system. You shouldn’t have to put up
with them and they shouldn’t be able to respond to your posts (or search you) but the
downside to this is the same problem that Twitter has with their 2 way ignore system. People would Peek-A-Boo block others.

I also would like to see forum blocks also block contact from accounts on the Bnet system.


Does block in-game actually block all their characters or do you gotta block their btag?


My understanding is if you click ignore it will ignore the entire account if you report someone tho it only ignores them for the current gaming session and that list clears on logout

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According to the blue post, all characters.


Fun fact. The “account-wide” ignore in-game that they introduced in 9.1.5 isn’t actually account-wide either. Instead it is a hybrid system of character-account. However the moment you log onto an alt, there is nothing stopping you from seeing the offending ignored persons messages and nothing stopping the ignored account from whispering your alt (assuming they know your alts name).

There is no true account to account wide ignore system in-game or on the forum.


That’s an interesting loophole. I almost never ignore people so I don’t have much experience with the in-game ignore functionality.


Yea well, when you pvp as much as I do…you get all the “fun” messages :crazy_face:


Yes from my understanding on your side you need to do it per character. However there are addons out there that will import blocks from your other characters when you log into an alt.

and I can’t remember the name of it now… but when I get home I’ll update.

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I asked this in the other thread and really didn’t get an answer. With this suggestion would people not logged in be able to see your posts? (Unless that is what Peek-a-Boo blocking is, no clue since I don’t use X, lol…Twitter)

If you’re referring to either Badboy or GIL, both those addons have certain limitations. E.g. Both are not true ignores. Instead they suppress/hide whispers/chat. They don’t actually return the “player not found” error you would get when using the games in-built ignore system. So from the ignored persons trying to contact you perspective, you’re still perfectly visible and contactable. But the person doing the ignoring will never see any messages sent to them or in chat.

Also both Badboy and GIL do not actually add ignored players to the in-built ignored system. Instead they maintain their own database that sits outside of it. This is because the in-built system is HILARIOUSLY limited in the number of players you can ignore. So the addons would basically break if they tried to use it.

I have over 800 people on ignore due to the age of my account, my pvp activity and the massive amount of botters in the LFG I’ve been dumping on ignore for the last several months.

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ABSOLUTELY FOR an account wide ignore.
I just dont want any more of my account information being public to have it

A twitter like block where neither can see anything from the other is a great idea.
Then dont allow any viewing of the forum if we’re not logged in so they cant just log out and see your posts anyway. Blocked should be blocked.

100% for all of this as long as more of my account info isnt seen on this particular forum :+1:

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I think this is the one I use if it means “Global Ignore”… and I didn’t realize it wasn’t a real ignore, but what you wrote makes sense if Blizzard’s ignore is so limited. I also wonder why their ignore is so limited and/or hasn’t been expanded when the did that update that the other player posted.

Edit: Seems like that would have been the best time to expand the list.

What would be fantastic is if you block someone in game or in here, it blocks them and their entire account in both places.
100% for that. My block list in game is huge. lol


Peek-a-boo blocking is where you block someone from seeing and responding to you, but you unblock them long enough to respond to one of their posts and re-cloak so they don’t see your response. It’s a dirty tactic.

Sorry for the delay… I was enjoying these “Whisps Asiago & Pepper Jack cheese crisps” they got a good bite that lingers in the throat… and tasty.


oh…yeah, thats kinda cheap, lol.
Maybe you block, then its both ways. In order to UNblock BOTH parties have to manually unblock so thats not a thing?

holy crap. lol
Whats the limit?
I thought it was 50 or 100 tops?
If I can block that many I should be set for life, lol

When you ignore someone on the forums it should make their name completely disappear instead of seeing threads and posts with ignored content.