Can we get account wide ignore?

ppl peep a boo block on here all the time. it’s just they open the ignore button of that person they blocked, reply them sing that they blocked that person and they can’t see what they said. this isnt new on wow at least

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It would have. But alas they did not use the opportunity. I think the in-built system has a cap of only about 60? players you can ignore. Which as I mentioned, is hilariously small for an MMO that ostensibly still has the largest or second largest playerbase in the entire world.

The in-built ignore system needs to have basically no cap and ignoring a character should ignore the entire account across both all your and their alts.

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I dont understand why that is in here.
Every forum software package Ive used to date, if you ignore someone they are GONE as far as you are concerned. You cant see their posts. You cant see any threads they make. For all intents, they dont exist from your perspective.

I wonder if its doable in here and just not enabled? Its usually something as simple as checking a box in the admin panel for forum packs like this.
Granted you almost need a degree to figure some of the admin control panels out, lol

:rofl: :rofl:
I just dont even bother correcting them most of the time.
My figures have their own plans with the keyboard most days lol

I meant fingers and typed figures. lol

That’s only because I use the Global Ignore List addon. The in-built system has a cap of about 60…lmao.


What does this mean? I don’t Twitter.

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I’ve been asking for ignore account wide forum version for a long time now.


on twitter if I block you, you cant see me now.
I think hes saying that I would then unblock you, post something, then re block you

I’ll have to check that out the second Im out of system ignores lol
thanks for the info :+1:


It absolutely is. There are other subsections of the forums besides GD where it’s already like this.

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It’s where you block someone from seeing your posts and you unblock long enough to respond to their posts and reblock before they can see your posts.

I didnt know that. huh. Wonder why its not enabled then. Very odd.

twitter is a cesspool lol
It changing owners has just made it worse.

People on Twitter are so petty that they unblock people they hate just to say snarky things at them then they reblock them. Its hilarious.


Yeah… the obsessive stan side of twitter is a cesspool of not so secret Fight Club level of anger.

At least the horror movie community has been decent.

I mean account wide ignore would be nice but in some extent you would be enabling btags (I know I shouldn’t say this but its for my point), even if you make it so it is not displayed literally anywhere, the only location that it would be displayed is under the Preferences > Users settings, forums would look the same as were on now, no btag displayed next to the avatar protrait.

Lets say this hypothetical change went out today, you ignore me and go look into Preferences > Users, you will notice instead of Hwanwok-Ysera, its goldiey-1646 (my btag that this character habbits ). So when I said by extension your enabling btags, this is what I meant, because to ignore me, it would have to go to the btag and which it is how my battle tag ends up being in the ignored box. This hypothetical would ignore this character and the other alts that habbit that battle tag.

So in conclusion this whole logic of “You don’t need btags displayed to implement account wide ignores” simply doesn’t work because it would be in displayed in literally the only place which the preferences > users settings, sure you might say “But Hwan! at least its not displayed next to my avatar!” sure but just so you know that your btag is displayed on somebody else’s end whenever they are ignoring you. Also account wide ignore just simply requires btags (displaying around here or not) in the back end.


This is pretty much how it would go I’m sure people remember the Cogshanks extension.

It could be worked so that the user client side doesn’t display the information.

IE: I block Gutshredda and go look in my preferences to unblock Gutshredda (because he’s this really cool guy that posts fun gifs). It can be easily worked so that I only see Gutshredda and not Gutshredda(BTAG). All of that info would stay hidden from our eyes but viewable/usable on the server side to unblock the correct Gutshredda and his giferific account.


got to disagree.
users dont see a LOT of information beyond usernames of other members. Even if that ends up being a single character inside the panel youre referring to. It does NOT have to show our account battletags to other members here.

Thank you!
I dont understand why this has been such a dramatic point in this topic.
The system doesnt have to show any account information they dont want everyone seeing.


I really hope so. I’m ready because I’m tired of having to ignore multiple characters of the same person.

Also, another benefit, I would love to change my posting character and keep my trust level and post count. I don’t even play this toon. :dracthyr_lulmao:


Dear lord, people are stupidly antagonistic. lol


That would also be a nice thing