In-game ignore...let's make it better!

I never disagreed with you. You did cherry pick me a bit.
The thing I am not so optimistic as to fully embrace one side of this over the other. I see what you want to do and understand why you want it done. However, the logistics of getting it done may cause way more harm than good.

Personally, I think it’s something they should slowly add smart features to it until it piles up to make something that fills the role much better than what we have now.

Features like:

Also make your ignore list extend to all of your alts rather than just the individual char’s.


I like the notes idea.


I disagree,
Not being rude but, we know thats how it operates thats why we want it changed.

Two: it is a hassle as others have pointed out, unfortunately you rub someone the wrong way and they will keep hoping on alts and newly created toons, because they will keep harassing you over and over.

Lastly: i dont think the current systems is enough at times, and an update to the current system is needed.

I do appreciate your perspective, but honestly i think blizz needs to keep in mind how toxic some of its wow members can get.

Again not trying to be rude or anything, so i apologize in advance if it came off rudely

Thats a fair point, however i would say this, lets say your friend could be nice to you but is rude to some one new, or returning and thats their frist exsprince right out the gate. Odds are they may be done. Thats their first impression of the game/return.


If they want to act out and be rude that is there choice, thats fine but their are consequences for actions good or bad. If i want to ignore them for being rude and dont want to see them again, then that should also be my choice.


We could implement another option

Ignore Btag option or ignore charater option.

That way you can choose if you want to completely ignore some one or just that charater. I think that would be a decent compromise

I would have to also politely disagree with you, you can state you dislike the idea but whether or not it is a good idea is up to facts. We would have to test it first before that decision of whether it is good or bad is made.

I beleive beleive it is a good idea, but thank you for sharing your perspective on it.

This kind of trolling is boring, do something funny!


I also can’t agree with you, Again it is a good idea , thank you for your thoughts though

You have yourself a wonderful day

This i can agree with you on this one :slight_smile: i do have to say im digging the lavender hair on the light forged never thought to try it on that race. But looks good

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No one is asking for full ban powers . Only Blizz can do this.

Being able to ignore a persons entire account on an individual basis isn’t censorship . Only Blizz can do that and Blizz allows everyone the right to voice their opinions and such as long as what is said falls withing Blizz’s CoC.

How ever what none of us has is the right to make everyone read or hear what we have to say . The only people we have the right to be heard by are those that choose to do so.


And just noticed that one of the alt hoppers… popped on another alt to like my posts.

It’s just comical at this point that they are demonstrating why a account wide ignore system needs to be added. It’s just pure harassment now.


Ima man, I don’t use ignore or block on anything.

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They’ve been liking their own posts too. THAT is sockpuppeting 101.


It’s what they do to signal that it’s almost time to shed the current husk they’re occupying and move on to one of those new ones.


Shows plain as day why they are “politely” (LOL) disagreeing with this topic. Though that “politeness” sure does fall down really darned quick when they get challenged on it.

If actual account-wide ignore ever became a thing, their entire account would be blacklisted by so many people so quickly, and well deservedly so - and that scares the everloving heck out of them. That fake-polite Draenei act is so shallow anybody could see right through it.


I think it is time to revive this thread to help support for making the in-game ignore better.


Good point Hence.

Very likely.

Still hoping for this one day. :dracthyr_heart:


Just as a continuation of support for a better in game ignore function as well as a better forum ignore function. Going to cross link the other thread for those not wanting to read all 200+ replies.

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Hi Perl if it worked like that, that I could get on board with, as if someone thinks so poorly over me they block me, I would sooner them forget I ever existed.

That said, I do think indifference to someone is sometimes worse than hating them

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Indifference is a defense mechanism. There are some really awful people, and it only takes one to ruin your whole night, depending on how awful they are. Hating them just makes it worse because you have to care to hate. Forgetting them takes less energy and lets you move on easier.

It may be worse for the person who gets forgotten, but in the long run it’s better for both, in my opinion.

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