What do youse really think

Jar Jar wants his tag line back.

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For me and in no particular order of most to least would be

1.Human tattoos
2.Human tattoos
3.Human tattoos
4.Human tattoos
5. Human tattoos

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Tuxedo pants fits this and they’re ingame.

Player housing, playable Ogres, Dance Studio, playable Murlocs, playable Naga.

Bonus: ability to transmog pants into invisible.

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Only thing I can think of at this time and it’s just an appearance one is open up all hairstyles to all races/classes.

That way, it becomes a more options thing while giving the player base the ability to somewhat customize and make original their characters while not impacting workload of Blizz employees - at least I hope so.

I said that badly so I hope it made sense.

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Tuxedo pants are not tights.

But they’re painted on so they look like tights unless I’m misunderstanding what you mean by tights.

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Painted on? Are you talking in the game or real life?

In the game clothing is displayed over the part of the body where it belongs in a 2D image that simulates 3D as the figure appears to turn.

Simulating tuxedo pants would look different than simulating tights.

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Mints on my pillow when I log in, pie, Toaster Strudel, cake in the evenings, and a fresh glass of chocolate milk when I gain a level.

Do you need the jaws of life to remove those pants? I noticed a lot of pants are just painted on. I don’t think Tiffany like skintight jeans, 'eh? :wink:

I want a house for me and my foxes. :dracthyr_blob_dance_animated:

I spit hott fire.

Depends on how big the butt and how tight the pants?

It’s a matter of opinion. For some it’s all about conditioning. The new fashion seems to be about size.

Don’t we already have account-wide ignore? Since like 9.0 something? If you /ignore a toon in-game, all of their toons are ignored?

I could be wrong.

If I’ve read that right, you get to free up one of your top 5 slots - check! Now what are you going to put in its place? :smiley:

I request fox petting. :dracthyr_blob_dance_animated:

I don’t think there’s a single feature that all WoW players would agree on.

That said, my top five would be:

  • Hide pants
  • Way more character customization options… more tattoos, more hair styles, more jewelry, underwear options (goes well with hidden pants)
  • The same thing as the second one but even more of them
  • Open transmog, no armor type or class restrictions
  • Artifact weapons that we carry through from expansion to expansion, with new powers and customization instead of disappointing legendaries

I’m pretty sure that it is in game, but I think people want to extend it to the forums as well. The megathread asking for it is still rolling

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The only way for a dye system to truly work, the armor textures have to be basic af. The armor in D3 was like that.

  1. Troll beards
  2. Upright male forsaken
  3. Worgen tails
  4. Playable high elves
  5. Player housing
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