[CS Lounge] A New Year! 20-Years of WoW!

/drops some Cookies off to the CS Lounge for everyone to snack on.

/skips back to GD!


Waggle and rate my xmog were the ones tgat stuck out.

Short just a few likes, Honeypot.


Since these were created more than 100 days ago, would they still count?

Let me reword this i went from 9k to 900 from those threads alone.

Yes, it is just post read per 100 days on a rolling basis. If you already read it, then it does not count. If you have not read it, scroll any of the mega threads.

The one asking for core Battlenet account level forum accounts for WoW forums is over 10K.

It asks for Bnet level:

  • TL3 permission (would still decay and need to be maintained like now)
  • Bnet level Ignore instead of per char-server “forum account”.
  • Bnet level likes, flags
  • Bnet level post count and post history. No more reset if you change chars, transfer server, or name change.
  • Ability to set our char as an avatar so we can keep our names/transmog fun.
  • A free Battletag change for anyone that does not have one left so they can pick something they are comfy with and that does not break rules.

That is the summary of what most want in that thread.

Mega thread that is relevant to the interests of many for multiple reasons. Heh. Scroll away, or support. Either or.


Time to return to the Waggle thread


I set my auto-scroll to that particular thread myself, and another mega one just for good measure yesterday. I can vouch that the waggle saved the day.

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Can we question the sanity of some of the posters tho lol not that were any saner.

:joy: I was already typing before I read through your entire sentence that I’m sure mine gets questioned quite often even as I kind of give a side-eye to a lot of things I see posted.

im sure the blues get a good chuckle outa some of the stuff and go oh boy they mustve not had there morning coffee yet at others.

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6 months?!

Ok, that makes sense now. I was wondering what was happening. I noticed the change yesterday. Any idea where I stand?

Short just shy of 10k read, Vyanta

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Thanks, I have not been as active on the forums or in-game up until recently. I finally got to try out the follower dungeons last night and am enjoying them immensely.

Sadly, I got 5 months to go before I can earn it back :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

Oh it’s gonna be a while.

I discovered that a certain um… emoji is usable so I’ll probably have a few vacations lol

There is a reason why I did not choose to use that emoji. And probably smart not for you to use it either. We don’t want the fuzzy wuzzy fuzzbutt being vacated from the forums.


People WANT me here?!

Fine… I’ll behave so I can stick around. :stuck_out_tongue: