Creating a forum mark: May 10th, 2024

Since one extremely high demanded thread got locked for whatever reason, one unnamed user has stated that our feedback won’t go unnoticed. Sorry, but I’m not believing that crap. I firmly believe there was no reason to close it.

In case you were wondering about said high demanded thread, its this one:

This was closed yesterday. There was also the idea of Btags being used for the WoW forums, just like any other forum board for Blizzard products.

And because I know the nature of these forums like the back of my hand, there is no doubt in my mind there is going to be some backlash addressed by the community.

In truth, I don’t care. Meanwhile, I’m going to be counting the days our feedback doesn’t go “unnoticed”.

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Have fun with that counting :smiley:

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This should be fun. :popcorn:

Wouldn’t it be better to just start a new thread asking for account-wide ignore?

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I am stealing this, and putting movie grade popcorn butter on it :drooling_face:

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topics that cause big inter division and same points back and forth end up that way cause people say stupid things.

It’ll most likely be flagged, then locked afterwards. CoC doesn’t like duplicate threads.

It’d likely go the same way as the other, as users carry their arguments over from the dozen or more already closed.

Can’t we just share? I’m a fun guy. :blush:

As you wish. I’m sure somebody will start one, and it will take off just like the previous one.

I’m hoping on it.

:smiley: Nah but you can keep yours and you can even have all the popcorn butter you want :smiley:

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Sweeeeet! :yum:

:smiley: i would share but i am a messy eater and that is not fair to others :upside_down_face:

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Based off the blue post, I’m hoping it means they’re going to try and get account-wide ignore implemented.

Sure would be nice if they came out and said it, though.

NELF, BELF, it’s all good!

Considering that staff said that feedback doesn’t go unnoticed on the final post of that thread, there could be an infinite number of reasons why the thread was closed but discussing it is pointless speculation.

Anyone who says that Forum feedback goes unnoticed is more or less just trying to get a rise out of people or make an argument of futility. Taivan and the Primal storms are just a few of the recent examples that have been covered extensively on forums and have had changes happen, though those were in-game changes from forum suggestions.

Unlock the ones who make promises at blizzcon they later don’t keep, i would prefer they just do it. Instead of saying they will, then not doing it.

I’m more shocked they didn’t implement this idea since that thread was from 2023. We’re already coming up on a whole year that account-wide ignores aren’t a thing.

My issue with that thread was that it was 18k posts of beating a dead horse.