Beta needs fresh eyes and ears


In order to test it well blizz should open beta to a LOT of people… In such a relatively unpopulated world i wonder how many issues are going unnoticed…

(Notagin) #28

New toy syndrome wearing off already? Increase the level cap by 20 to string them along for a few more weeks.

(Havokheart) #29

It’s literally 90% of the top WoW streams all the time. Havn’t seen it die down at all.

(Jhannae) #30

Come on. We, the priviliged Beta testers havent finished PvP yet. Wait for us to become Grand Marshalls at level 30 then Blizz can add more people. :slight_smile:


I seriously doubt you hear anyone talking about retail let alone 8.2. And the current burnout on classic wow is because there ISN’T an endgame. It’s capped at 30, people are understandably bored when all they have to do is attempt to push higher dungeons they’re not supposed to be in yet.

(Crowlay) #32

Ok then…


Now people can really test all the possible quests and other content in 1-30 zones and devs have time to fix basic mechanics of the game.

(Kalfou) #34

The beta is really just for the stress tests and debugging layering. It’s not like they need data for tuning or balancing.

(Padrepwn) #35

Beta needs to get over. Over beta you need to get.

(Seijuron) #36

They will increase the level cap to 40 soon I guess, or may be 50 but I doubt they will release the 60 content during beta.

You gotta keep the hype for as long as you can


if a fresh batch of people do get in…

will you still complain if you are not apart of the new batch??

look… we all know what this is…

this post is a very sly and calm way to say “ME ME ME BETA BETA BETA BETA ME ME ME ME!!! NOW!!!”


I agree! Everybody should get beta except OP.


Is there anything really to test besides layering, which is best tested during stress tests?

This is a 13 year old client on 2 year old engine, so, aside from the new server tech, seems like it’s good to go.


well duh blizzard wanted people to sit at lv. 30 and try to gear out for some dumb tournament

Who needs to test leveling more then once.

(Machomadness) #41

No, you’re not getting invited to beta and they aren’t bringing in more people so don’t beg.


Beta needs actual beta testers not people playing it like a an actual game.


Welp, they had a Beta invite wave yesterday, so they must have read this post and acted on it :+1:


Wrong that was a F&F beta so nobody who knows blizzard basically didn’t get in so it wasn’t a beta wave.

(Oriendaria) #45

you are sadly mistaken on thinking that people aren’t burnt out on beta even though the cap was 30, it just turned to 40 to give people something to do, just like how classic used to be.

You can think what you want, but you aren’t there to say other wise on what people hear and see.

(Oriendaria) #46

Mostly from guild talking about 8.2. God forbid that.