Best place for looking for a morning <H> guild

Looking to make a return for classic wow, maybe current retail. What is the best place for looking for a morning, pref , guild. Only reason I would consider retail version is simply to get in good with a guild before classic launch.

PvP or PvE?

Really doesn’t matter to me, I would pref PvP, especially if I could find guild mates to level with. But looking more for a morning guild, PvP, or PvE, if that makes since.

Morning in what part of the world?

NA east coast, for some of Legion xpac, I even joined an oceanic server and played with some aussie’s but with daylight savings time it required me to get up at 430EST, which was a little much. I would pref something 900AM EST-12PM EST, time zone.

One last question. Morning for raids, morning for pre-made BGs, or morning for just what ever? Do this and I will do you the biggest favor in the world.

Man, that’s a good question, haven’t really determined what my main focus would be. In a perfect world, with all the changes coming with Classic, raid in the morning, then PvP in the afternoon hours, help people run dungeons, or level alts, etc. I don’t have much experience with the 40 man raids, I do pref the raids over BG’s but premade BG’s are alot of fun. So to best answer your question PvE Raids>PvP premades, as of right now.


Well not ever. But since Jan

if you dont mind alliance

my guild will be raiding 7-10 AM est

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Well only problem I have is the start time, getting off shift every 3rd day at 8am, allows me 2 days to raid. The morning I get off, and the morning of the following day. With a 7am start that really only allows me the one day, which is going to kill my raid attendance.

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I started getting bored and didn’t check their times. But here is a start.

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WOW, thank you, I will gladly filter through them all, no worries.

Not sure if it would work for you but I’m making the switch to EU servers (since I’m moving there anyway). They are more likely to be active when you are on. Just a thought to throw into the mix.

Yes of course, one of the reasons I moved to an Aussie based server, do you happen to know the time zones for the EU servers?

Not at my computer right now but, about five hours ahead of EST I’d imagine? I would need to check. I believe they are on CET.

I know this post is a little dated now but I was wondering if you ended up finding a guild that fits your schedule. I have the same schedule and I am in the same boat you are/were.
Thanks in advance.

DO IT LIVE is a horde morning guild on pagle who came together at the beginning of classic. We have maintained a core of the same people since launch and cleared MC and Onyxia for 16 weeks now. We are a laid back semi casual guild that likes to have fun and rarely “clears comms” in our raid settings. That being said, we do take progression seriously and expect the same out of new recruits. We want our members to enjoy their time in game while also clearing everything classic has and will have to offer. We run our loot on a loot council system with multiple officer eyes on the process and it has worked well for us.


Main Raid Needs:
Warlocks and Rogues
Any exceptional dps will be considered.

All classes considered for casual spots.

Raid Schedule: Wed/Thursday 9:30 AM.-1:30 PM. EST
*currently we’re clearing all raids on Wednesday but will pick Thursday back up with the release of BWL.

Basic Requirements:
Show up to raid. Be on time with consumables and put effort into your class.

Ideal people:
Be a person that can take a joke and not be easily offended. Don’t be an elitist jerk. We will clear this content. It’s ok to wipe and we might but we will get it.
We’re looking for a few dps that want to raid with us long term and make that toon their main. We realize the morning slot is niche and so we’re hoping you can find a home with us in a time slot you needed. At this point, BWL will be out shortly and it would be nice if the candidates we look at have done their work and obtained at least BIS blues. We simply do not have a lot of time to gear you up before then.
That being said, we will always take casuals into the guild and we have plenty of friendly members willing to run dungeons all the time.

*everyone has RL things they need to accomplish weekly, but raid logging is boring!
*We also have a resident streamer:

If you’re interested in joining us:
Officer: jbayz#3836 (discord)
Officer: DrRelik#0509 (discord)