"Battle for Nazjatar" Changes Made

(Kaivax) #1

We’ve heard your feedback (and experienced it ourselves) – there can be lopsided faction representation during the “Battle for Nazjatar” event. We’ve seen cases where only one faction is represented.

To address this, we’ve now changed it via hotfix so the “Battle for Nazjatar” will only become active when Nazjatar has a good mix of both Horde and Alliance players in War Mode. When that is not the case, an alternative event will become active called “Azshara’s Elite Commanders.” This is also available to players who are not in War Mode, and it also awards Nazjatar Battle Commendations for slaying Elite commanders during the event.

We’re continuing to monitor and investigate reports of server lag during the event, and we’re acting on feedback about significantly imbalanced areas. We’ll let you know as we make further changes.

Thank you for your patience and continued feedback!

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Why do you all still PAY for this game?
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(Jalën) #2

I’m actually interested to know if there will ever be a “Battle for Nazjatar” again since there’s such an imbalance.


The mobs are still OP.

And 75 rep for killing elites!? C’mon Blue’s, you can do better than that.


I hate this.

The Elite Commanders is so bad, over in 2mins, and not a good substitute. The icons don’t always appear on the map.

(Kaivax) pinned #5


Just want to say thank you for the communication. Not a perfect fix but as long as you’re working on it and keeping us informed, it goes a long way.


not sure if good or bad change. earlier it took me literally 2 hours of joining groups just to find a shard with alliance in it. 2 hours to complete ‘drowning the alliance’, because I literally couldn’t find a WM with opposing players.

If the battle won’t start until a healthy balance of both horde and alliance exist, will it ever start? I admit it sucks to win when it’s just your faction, but how often do we see the numbers close?

(Wiggin) #8

Mobs aren’t supposed to be one shottable. That is what makes retail so unfun compared to classic.

Also, Horde will just get free commander kills instead of free alliance kills. Not sure this fixes much except less Alliance dying. Rewards will still be lopsided.


Ah, so the event is gone forever.


The event is over too fast… barely a chance to kill 1 commander before they’re all dead.

(Saent) #11

Kinda sucks that you all won’t give incentives or help the player base out by giving discounted faction changes to the horde players willing to go alliance as well.


rip “Battle for Nazjatar” 6-25-2019 - 7-1-2019

(Drede) #13

Why not just officially remove it?

At this rate it will never happen again because sharding is just broken.


pack it up boys. We won’t see this event ever again


So basically it will never be active now? Not to mention these elite commanders don’t even seem to show up on my map when they spawn.

(Kelisaria) #16

Worst possible “fix” you could have implemented. Now, no one will ever get to do it ever again, all because a bunch of weenies didn’t want to use the group finder to find a raid group for the Battle of Nazjatar.


This is what will literally happen. I’m not sure they thought this " fix " through too much. They essentially removed it from the game

(Kelisaria) #18

It was also the only meaningful WPVP that has ever existed in WoW, as it has actual rewards and zone-wide objectives, instead of a bunch of raid-restricted quests that camped by gankers.


Thanks for the information. However, I’d like to add a suggestion. How about when the event starts, one skull comes up, and activates in 5 mins. That gives everyone time to get to the naga. Then after you kill the first commander, another skull can spawn and activate in 5 mins. That way, everyone who wants to participate can, and get 2 tokens per kill. Example on my realm, skulls did not pop and the event ended in less than 2 mins. Felt bad planning my evening to be there and get 0 rewards.


hopefully this fix is only temporary