█★█ [A] Hells Heroes - RECRUITING for Mythic! █★█

Server: Proudmoore
Type: PvE
Website: HellsHeroes.wowlaunch. com
Age: 18+

Current Raid Schedule: (PST)
Tuesday: 7pm-10:00pm
Thursday: 7pm-10:00pm

*Note for non-raid nights: Wednesday night during raid time is Mythic+ keys night. Also M+ groups weekends and other nights as well.

Current Raid Progression:
wowprogress. com/guild/us/proudmoore/Hells+Heroes

Current Recruitment Needs:
(If your class or spec is NOT listed and you are an excellent player, we are still very interested in you! Please still apply or contact us in game for more details.)
Death Knight | ANY | High
Demon Hunter | Havoc | High
Druid | ANY | Medium
Hunter | ANY | Medium
Mage | ANY | Medium
Monk | Windwalker | High
Paladin | Retribution | Medium
Priest | Shadow | High
Rogue | ANY | High
Shaman | ANY | High
Warlock | ANY | High
Warrior | ANY | Medium

Druid | Resto | Medium
Monk | Mistweaver | Medium
Paladin | Holy | High
Priest | ANY | High
Shaman | Resto | Low

*Note: We will help you gear and provide experience when necessary if you are an exceptional player.
If accepted you will have an immediate trial raid spot, after a 2 week trial you will have a permanent, core spot on our Mythic roster, this will not be a bench warmer position.

If you are interested and would like to apply, visit hellsheroes.wowlaunch. com
Or, add one/multiple of our officers for more info:
Btag: Blood#1681 || Discord: Bloodtriton#1786 - (in game player name:Bloodtriton)
Btag: Skullripper#1390 || Discord: Vladok#3960 || (in game player name: Vladok)

A Bit About Hells Heroes:
Hells Heroes was founded in 2009 and is "semi-hardcore" raiding guild of players 18+ in age. We strive to achieve progression, while all enjoying our favorite hobby. This is a tight group of friends with a common goal; to kill bosses, get gear, and have fun. Hells Heroes has been competitively raiding since WotLK and has full cleared raids ever since. This guild is not a random guild that disappears after a few months.

We are all here to have fun. We joke around a lot and are a mature group of players. Hells Heroes has a fantastic atmosphere with great men and women in our team. We have a very active guild, tons of players online all the time to run and hang out with. That being said, if you are immature, a jerk, like to cause problems or viciously troll people, this is not the place for you! If you're a fun, mature, skilled, consistent and committed player, you are perfect for Hells Heroes!
Actively seeking a few amazing dps as we transition a few players in and our of our core mythic roster. Also seeking casual players, specifically a few tanks to run mythic+ keys during non-raid times, also players for alt/fun weekend raid!
Looking for a few skilled ranged dps!
Looking for primarily ranged dps and a solid pally or priest heals currently. Still accepting all classes and specs though! Hit us up in game or apply on the site!
Actively seeking all classes and roles!

Bump! Still looking for a few more.

Still seeking dps and a heals!

Bumpity bump bump bump - we still lookin’

Still seeking a few great players!

We’re still looking!

Actively seeking progression raiders for Battle of Dazar’alor, also accepting casual/social players!

Went 7/9N first night, killing last 2 tonight and working on heroic! Need a few more great players for mythic progression!

LFM for Mythic BoD progression, currently 9/9N, 4/9H, and 1/9M.

Bump! We’re still looking :blush:

Currently in need of a excellent healer. Priest or Holy Pally preferred, but considering all classes/specs.

Also still accepting a few excellent dps positions. Contact us for more info!

ALWAYS looking for new skilled people, apply now!

Current priority is Heals & Ranged DPS. (Priority towards Holy Pally or Priest for heals), however accepting any class/role if you’re an excellent player. Apply on the site or contact me in game, btag or discord!

Bump. Still looking for qualified players! B-tag: Cimmerian#1312 for any questions!

Still looking for a few great players!

We’re still looking! :smiley: