375 Experienced Warlock LF Raiding Guild

Hello good people of Proudmoore. See below.

-Availability: Sunday-Thursday 7pm-11pm PST, I can raid 2-3 days

-Background: I have been playing warlock since the beginning of WOTLK and have always mained it. I took a long break after BFA release and missed the majority of Uldir. I am a very solid player, I learn quickly, and I always come prepared to fights. I own up to my mistakes and do my best not to repeat them. I will not hold your raid back and if I feel I am, I will remove myself. I do all of the proper class research and am a bit of a log addict lol.

I am currently on Stormrage but am not opposed to server xfer’ing at all if I find the right fit. I’d just like to be on a server in my same time zone. Please drop your btag and I will reach out to you!

Hey Xuluu,

<Kindrèd> is currently recruiting DPS for our raid team and community! Our raid times are Wednesday & Thursday 8-11pm PST. Please check out our recruitment post which tells you a little about us with contact information. [A]<Kindrèd> LF Healer & DPS! Wed & Thurs 8-11pm PST

Thank you and hope to chat with you soon!

If you are still looking we are looking for raiders we run Sunday and Monday. Sunday is 6pm-10pm pst and Monday is 7pm-11pm pst. If you can go an hour earlier on Sunday hit me up on bnet. Firyon#1297. We tend to clear normal and heroic. We AOTC but don’t push for mythics.
Good luck in your search

Hey Xuluu!

We raid Tues/Weds/Thurs, 7pm-10pm Pacific and are currently 7/9N BoD. We are looking for a few more excellent ranged dps currently. If interested, check out our post here or hit me up on btag or discord, Blood#1681 on btag, Bloodtriton#1786 on discord.

Hey, Samurai is recruiting ranged DPS for BoDA. We raid Wed/Thurs 9pm-12am CST (7-10pm PST) on Proudmoore US. We are really in need of mages and locks but will take any ranged spot. We are a heroic only raiding guild and do not push into mythic content as progression. Last tier we achieved AOTC and plan to do the same this tier. If youre interested you can message me here or add Capez#11857 on bnet. Thanks!

Hey there Xuluu, Mystic Raiders is currently seeking knowledgeable ranged dps to fill out our roster for heroic and then shift into Mythic. We are currently 9/9N and 4/9H. If you want to chat you can contact Nightwinds#1991(Co-GM), Dârkness#1139 (Co-GM), or Cocoapuffing#1893(Co-GM) for more information.

Hey Xuluu,
Soup Kitchen is a casual raiding guild. We are currently 9/9 N and 3/9 H BoD. We raid Tues/Wed 7-10pm SVT. If this sounds like something you are interested in please PM Thriskits#1256