910 Arms Warrior LF Raiding Guild

Hello, Proudmoore. I’m Shisao, a 410 Pandaren Arms Warrior looking to break into the world of raiding (alliance-side). I’m fairly new to the world of organized group content, but I’ve done a decent amount of M+. As of this post, I’ve just finished up the last of the story and raid-prep in Nazjatar, so all I need is a guild!

As for my raiding goals, I’m looking to eventually break into the Mythic scene. I’d prefer to raid late-nights on the weekend (I’d like to raid 3 days a week if possible), but I’m fine with other times too. I’m a quick-learner and a very good team player, I always come prepared and ready to bring my A-game. I can also play Fury if the situation calls for it, but I prefer to stick with my current spec.

If anyone’s interested in giving me a shot, hit me up down below. Thanks, and see you around Azeroth!

EDIT: My profile, for some reason, has me listed as a 110 warrior, but I’m actually 120! Don’t worry!

Hey Shisao!

We are currently looking for a few more stellar dps in Hells Heroes! We currently raid 2 days/week, Tues and Weds, 7pm-10pm realm, then M+ groups on Thursday nights. If this sounds like something that would work for you, let me know! You can find my discord and btag in our post on the forums here: