2/8M Warrior / Hunter Looking for Heroic/Mythic Raiding

Unfortunately, my second guild in BFA has disbanded due to the state of the game and members not logging on for raid nights - I am guild-less once more :frowning:

I currently have a 363 Fury Warrior, a 365 Demon Hunter (do NOT want to play anymore) and a newly dinged 340 BM Hunter. I am at 2/8M on the Demon Hunter, but I do not wish to play that class any longer.

I have been raiding since 2010, mostly as a tank or melee DPS. I also like playing Beast Master, but as stated above, I only hit 120 recently. I’m looking to play any of the four: Fury, Arms, BM, or Prot Warrior (great new buffs in 8.1).

Looking to get back into Mythic raiding before 8.1.5! I like sociable guilds, with great sense of humor and members who play together OUTSIDE of raid nights too!

Thanks for your time.

Hey Spicynugget!

We would love to have you come trial with Hells Heroes! We have a great environment and amazing core of players. We raid Tues/Weds/Thurs, 7pm-10pm Pacific, and are currently 2/8 mythic with great progress on Zek’voz and Fetid.

Find out more here: