Duo team LF guild/raid team

2 serious committed raiders looking for a new raid team. Both of us have played WoW since vanilla and are wanting to find a new home.
Oral#11855 is wanting to main his Paladin (Holy/Ret)
Jerick85#1220 is willing to main Resto Druid, Rogue, Resto Shaman, Hunter, or Afflic Lock.
Our availability is Mon-Wed 9am - 7pm server, Thurs (any time), Sat/Sun 6pm-9pm server.
Feel free to message either of us on our battlenets or reply here.

Hi guys,

We’d love to have you. Our guild is Logical Journey and we’re currently 5/9 H. We’re going to be pushing mythic rather soon. We could use both of you–Oral as a healer and Jerick as a hunter (though we’re open to whatever your favorite toons are to play). Raid times seem to be similar enough. We raid Wed/Sun 7-10 C (5-8 Server). Monday night is Mythic + night (multiple groups running +10+'s). We push keys through rest of week as well. If you’re interested, hit me up on Bnet at Sparkledump#1727 or in-game on Charaid. I look forward to hearing from you guys.



Hiya More! We’re looking for more raiders as we push through Heroic in Dazar’alor, and I saw your post come up! I’ll leave our info and recruitment spam below :slight_smile:

Hey, Samurai is recruiting ranged DPS for BoDA. We raid Wed/Thurs 9pm-12am CST (7-10pm PST) on Proudmoore US. We are really in need of mages and locks but will take any ranged spot. We are a heroic only raiding guild and do not push into mythic content as progression. Last tier we achieved AOTC and plan to do the same this tier. If youre interested you can message me here or add Capez#11857 on bnet. Thanks!


Hell’s Heroes has been around with the same leadership since ToC. That is when I first began leading a raid team, and we have been a progression, competitive raiding guild ever since!

We raid Tues/Weds/Thurs, 7pm-10pm Pacific (I know this is later then you mentioned Tues & Weds, but figured I would see if it’s possible). Currently seeking a few more excellent dps and 1 heals! Find out more here, or contact me on Discord or Bnet (Discord will get the fastest reply typically)
Discord: Bloodtriton#1786
Bnet: Blood#1681

Find more info in our post here: