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10 Characters required!


You mention organized RP events. Could you elaberate on this more? What kind of fun events do you currently have planned if any? I was never really into RP but from your post it seems your guild will not be an RP focused guild but still have a few events during downtime for fun.


We’re RP friendly, but not a RP focused guild. A lot of us will be doing casual RP, but it won’t be very advanced.

We have a few ideas on some stuff we can do.

  1. RP with other guilds
  2. Weekly Guild Senate (guild meeting)
  3. Guild Military RP, Formations and Campaigns
  4. Guild Court of Law
  5. Patrol the Alliance lands
  6. Tavern and Hall RP

RP is not required to raid. Raiding is not required to RP.


Loot council or DKP?

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We’ve decided to go with a priority loot council system, managed based on attendance, attitude, preparation, goals, and overall participation.

Well this sounds like a fun group I’m going to check your discord out.

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8pm est again.

The other 90% of the people in the country cry out in pain

This is some seriously wild stuff. The coincidence is crazy. Between the boards and the official guild recruitment discord, that makes 21 guilds recruiting for classic. 100% of them have 8PM EST start times specifically.


Sounds like “all legendaries are reserved exclusively for loot council members and their g.i.r.l.friends. Seriously, we’d disenchant before letting anyone else have them.”

Thanks but no thanks.


Loot council is for progression minded folks. While it may not be fair to an individual player, it is probably the most fair loot system for the guild. It does require good leadership, but then again a bad loot council is just as bad as greedy players that abuse dkp.


A loot council that makes choices based on what is best for the guild has a HUGE responsibility to make certain that they do not screw certain people over and over and over even with good intentions.

It will happen anyway and usually the break comes when someone who has benefited from their choices leaves the guild with all the loot while the loyal screwee is pushed back in line behind another joiner who NOW needs all that sweet loot for guild progression.

Is the goal to progress as a guild or is the goal for the hardcore players to progress and the guild just accept and be happy about it


Sir, just because you’ve had a bad experience with loot council in the past, doesn’t mean all loot councils are like that. I’ve raided for a decade in four different guilds (three that used Loot Council), four of those years raiding hardcore, and not once have I had drama with a loot council.

We take loot very seriously, especially the limited amount of loot that drops in Classic. Our system is literally designed to make sure that exact type of thing doesn’t happen. We’re the kind of the guild that does the exact opposite of what you’ve suggested. I strongly suggest being more open with your mindset, you’re by default dismissing a lot of really good guilds just because they use loot council.

Since you like to make assumptions about people you literally have never met, I suppose I’ll go a bit further into detail on legendaries.

  1. The first Thunderfury goes to the Main Tank. After that, it’ll go to who’s earned it based off the points in my previous post.
  2. Sul’furas goes to the most dedicated warrior or paladin who’s put in the most effort for the guild not just in raid, but outside of it as well.
  3. Same thing goes for A’tiesh. It will go to whichever caster has consistently exceeded expectations of the above criteria.

Literally none of them reserved for leadership. Literally all of them awarded based on merit. If literally all of your loot council experience is bad, you need to find better guilds.

Ironically, the only loot drama any guild of mine ever had was with EPGP. It’s unbelievably ironic that particualy EPGP system was changed by that guilds leadership to specifically give officers and “veteran raider” ranks significantly more points. In Siege when a paladin who just got back from a two week vacation won a healer trinket off of Galakras over a shaman who was in the negative from getting plenty of recent upgrades. The shaman threw a temper tantrum, caused a big argument, and then left the guild. That’s literally the only loot drama I’ve ever been first hand witness to in a raid that wasn’t LFR, in over 10 years.


A properly run loot council shouldn’t be running in to that problem. Normally the MT gets geared at a faster pace than everyone else, but outside that I’ve never seen a loot council funnel gear to a single player. Yes, someone that makes every raid
and performs well willl gear faster than someone that doesn’t, bit that isn’t much different than a dkp system.

The difference is a dkp system is easily exploitable by greedy individuals. People commonly pass upgrades to save for something they want, that may or may not actually benefit them in the raid.

I prefer loot council, so I’ll look for a guild that uses it. If you do t like LC, join one that uses something else.


I completely agree. It’s especially difficult in Classic because of how rare loot is. We arn’t just showered in epics. All I can say is I’ve had plenty of experience with it done right, and plan to keep that trend going forward in Classic.

Our number one goal is to actively accomplish everyone’s personal goals together. When it comes to the main team, this is specifically meant for those who are focused and dedicated to clearing content an a fast pace, who can depend on their fellow raid members to put in the same work they did. We intend to make the most out of our 9 hours/Week raid schedule. The main raid’s intention is to go all in, in which I’d be happy to answer any specific question regarding progression in any stage.

We’re also doing a second raid team especially for those who want to play Classic a bit more casually. This team is only raiding six hours a week, is not expected to kill Ragnaros super fast after launch. There is plenty of opportunity for anyone who wishes to be part of what we have going on.

We have some who just want to PvP. We’re really excited for pre-mades in BGs.
We have some who just want to be altoholics and level all the time. These are our friends, and the great thing about raids is you have 40 raid spots, you can easily bring your friends in if they want during farm so they get to see everything.

Thanks for your post, and I hope that answers your question.

We’re on the hunt for tanks, and those interested in open leadership positions

We are completely open to having a Feral off-tank. We also wouldn’t mind a dedicated feral dps. We’re also looking for a shadow priest, more warlocks, and every other class as well.

what are your plans for bg’s or pvp?

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Even though we’re rolling on a PvE server, we still intend to do a lot of battlegrounds, including weekly scheduled pre-mades. Some of us want to get some pretty high honor ranks.

We also expect some sort of flagged pvp, since it will be an RP server.

You mention fast progression, what does this mean exactly? Do you intend to push for server first, and/or have set goals for when you want to clear content by?

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We have a set schedule of when we want to get things done by. A few good examples are as follows.

  1. Main raid team members are expected to hit 60 within four weeks.
  2. The first official raid week for the main team will be the in the fifth week. That being said, we’re going to go into raid ASAP.
  3. We aim to have Onyxia and Rag dead in the fifth week.
  4. The weekend casual raid team will start to raid officially at the start January 2020, with pre-raid farming for those who cap early.
  5. Kill Hakkar and Nefarian in their first week of release.

I’d be happy to answer any in depth question about our plans for the timeline, and how we have been preparing for it. If we get realm first Ragnaros on our schedule, then so be it. If we don’t, it won’t upset us. Even the main team is only raiding 12 hours a week, it wouldn’t surprise me to still find guilds who raid 20+ hours a week in Classic raids.

Trying too hard.

Now I know he’s a liar.

Sir, is it so hard to imagine I had three raid leaders in my time who weren’t toxic?

Right sir, because presumably you’ve had drama in your loot councils, that must mean I’ve been subject to loot council drama as well. Sorry that your experience was sub-par, but that doesn’t mean everyone’s was.

Have a nice day, sir!

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Growing up on RP servers as someone who was very passive and opportunistic about it, here’s what I can tell you.

Oh yeah, I was also an annoying gnome warlock.

  1. Friends have weddings that you can crash by walking around naked.
  2. You can summon an infernal in gold-shire to kill people RPing. (if they get rid of this, I swear…)
  3. Well-organized people sometimes put on player-run events; I won 3rd place in a talent contest by killing myself with…an infernal. Original, right?
  4. Yar yar, hump hump. (Don’t worry about it.)
  5. Going on a date or group outing. I asked this female character out to dinner. We set a time, and I even hired my gnome friend who’s character was a bartender. He was my guildy in as well, so it’s relevant to the topic!

This probably isn’t helpful for you, but it made me happy to remember it.

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