Late night raiding guild?

I work second shift and live on the East coast. Don’t get home till 0020 est most days.

Was curious if anyone had a Guild that planned on raiding twice a week late night that might be looking for more.

I want a PvE server. Don’t have the time nor patience to deal with getting ganked while questing or farming anymore.

Horde or Alliance. Would play a Warrior (Fury, but have no issues tanking if needed) and Healer (Paladin if A, Druid if H). I’m slightly leaning toward Alliance side so I can have a Paladin, but not super picky considering the specific times I play.

Can’t seem to find any late night /West coast PvE guild recruiting threads, but here’s to hoping one can find me. Cheers.

The recruitment threads seem to be the same guilds posting over and over. I know I plan on waiting till I log in to find a guild. I’d say your best bet is to roll on a west coast server as alliance and look for a guild that fits your needs. They are sure to be all over the place when the servers go live.


Great advice, no reason to look for people now who may not even be around by the time the game ships, Soon.

West coast server come launch is current plan. Guess I’ll just have to keep an eye on the forums till then, see what shakes out.

Yep, just keep an eye open. Literally all the guilds so far in the threads and the Guild recruitment Discord are Eastern time focused, and they all start their raids at 8PM eastern…

all of them.

Its like some kind of statistical anomaly.

If there’s #NoChanges, note that competitive raiding in vanilla demands significantly longer raid durations than current retail, as you’re dealing with longer encounters (e.g. 30 mins for C’Thun), and the inherent nature and delays associated with 40 players, and the longer runs back, etc…

I don’t like necroing threads but it’s the first result that comes up in Google for “wow classic late night raid” so lots of people looking for a late night raid might land here.
As one of the posters said here, the vast majority of guilds start their raids in the evening eastern time. If you just start playing on a random server, there’s probably going to be 0 late night raiding guild on it.
What we need is every start up guild that intend to raid late night to pick a PvE and a PvP server and we all congregate to it. That way if guilds don’t get enough 60s quickly enough guilds can fuse to get the numbers they need.
I created a subreddit for late night people to stay in touch,

Im in the same situation as OP, I’ll keep an eye out for this thread.

Well, it’s been a while since I first posted that.

Since then I have managed to find a guild that has a serious but non hard core mentality toward late night raiding.

Willingly Suboptimal will be running 3 teams for classic.

Primary progression will be weekday evenings, but there is also a late night raid that starts at Midnight and and also a weekend raid group.

I’ll be doing late nights and the occasional weekend.