Anyone Creating a Casual PvE/NA EST Guild?

I’m too casual to make one.


I like your style.

Why not come over to the dark side and do a PVP server. The added element of unpredictability suits me, you might like it too. Since you are in no particular hurry, ganks are nothing but a casual irritant.

That depends on his definition of casual.

If by casual he means “I’m going to play a lot but I’m in no hurry to get anywhere” then sure, he might enjoy a pvp server.

If by casual he means “I have a life now and don’t have time to be a serious raider” he probably wouldn’t enjoy the dynamic events like spending-the-only-two-hours-I-have-to-play-this-week-getting-corpse-camped-by-a-level-60-rogue


Semi-Hardcore is Vanilla casual!

And if you’re feeling spicy there’s also this

Could also try looking in this discord for like minded folk as well

Hope this helps. I’m totally winging it this time around myself.


You left out

NA Eastern/Central time, casual raiding and pvp. Rolling on RP server, will have RP available but it is not required.

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Oh my mistake didn’t see it in the search bar.

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NP friend :grin:

Ill go where the people go. Pvp or pve. Don’t intend to raid or pvp lol. Honestly im still burnt out from 14 years ago. Just dungeons if i have time. Ill probably play 12 hours a week and be the very definition of casual. Just gonna chill. :slight_smile:

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Come with us, then. We’re just doing it for the fun of it!

Gotcha, can totally empathize with that. Sadly we haven’t seen many leveling guilds or social guilds recruiting yet, which where so common back in the day. I’m sure we’ll see them spring up once we get a server list or the game actually launch’s.

Yeah. This post was a little on the tongue and cheek side. But, I really have no agenda, no oats to sew, nothing when it comes to classic.

At this point, I may or may not play. 1.12 … meh. The main draw for me, aside from community etc, would have been to run 1.1 difficulty dungeons again. Or at least somewhere between 1.1 and 1.12.