Looking for weekend raid guild for Classic

I am looking for a weekend raiding guild. Only reason I am making this post is because there doesn’t seem to be very many advertising for my available play times.

I am on US Eastern Time Zone. My play schedule looks something like this:
Available starting Friday 6PM, free until Sunday 10PM. Looking for guilds that plan on raiding during that time frame.

Planning on playing a Warlock. I am open to playing either faction.

I am also EST with availability on the weekends. I found and will be raiding with the casual team on the weekends. Signing up was quick and easy. Everyone I’ve interacted with has been extremely very friendly too!

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We have a weekend Sat-Sun team looking for members:

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Both look good. Thanks for pointing out.

We have our first raid group set for Wednesday/Saturday, and we will be putting together a 2nd group. Laid back older gamers, we are not rushing to the end.

Unlike 99 percent of the Guilds listed here with dreams and hopes, our Guild is over 300 strong and we are set for launch. We are not actively recruiting anymore, but we are not turning anyone away. If our schedule meets your needs post in our recruiting thread.